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Surf Alert: Jaco Beach St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl Mar 15

Story from The Jaco Blog Its that time of year again and now for the first time we are publishing the official Jaco Beach Bar Crawl for St. Patrick’s Day on Sunday, March 17, 2013 All Day, All Over Jaco! Come out and celebrate with drink and food specials.

The 1st Annual St. Patricks Day barcrawl in Jaco Beach is a grassroots event and is depending on all the lushes in Jaco to come out and get hammered on Sunday. Here is a list that Vanessa put together to be used as a guide for the crowds to drink and walk together throughout Jaco enjoying each bar’s drink specials and food. more…

Reasons to take up surfing Aug 30

Surfing is one of the most popular and well known sporting activities in the world. It’s extremely fun to take part in. And yet most people either never get round to trying it out, or lack confidence in themselves and avoid it. You won’t regret if you take it up though. It’s good for a lot of things.

Clear your mind
The ocean is good for clearing your head. You could do so by playing on, but surfing during your leisure time, sitting out on the water while you wait for the perfect wave allows you to reflect. The physical activity is also good for relieving any stress you’ve been feeling.

Learn a new skill
We all like to learn how to do new things. Surfing is one of those that takes a while, and a lot of practise, but once you’ve learnt how, you’re glad to have the skill. And it’s a fun one you can teach to others too. Plus what better way to show off than taking part in an activity that’s notorious for interesting all the cool people?

There are few sports out there that you can credit as a full body workout. Surfing is one of them though. From your first lesson, your fitness level will be put to the test and improved upon. From jumping up onto the board, to steering it, to paddling and swimming, it’s a sport that is guaranteed to give you a leaner but stronger body.

Get outdoors
We all need to get outside every so often, and remind ourselves that sunshine, wind and water does still exist while we’re cooped up inside doing our boring jobs.

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Do you need another reason to live in Jaco? Apr 23

Here is an article or blurb from the website talking about why expats are moving to Costa Rica in droves. This mass exodus is not limited to Costa Rica, most Central American states including Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama are seeing huge numbers of expats moving abroad to avoid the crushing economy and rampant regulation.  Below is a copy of the article from her site and best of all you get a free ebook!

Costa Rica has long been known as the country for expats to seek refuge from their home countries. Unfortunately, most we hear about or read about are criminals and that does not bode well with Costa Ricans or Expats in general.

Great talk and pontifical orations by Costa Rican government officials about their own bankrupt country creates an even greater lure for hard cash investors, retirees, and corporations seeking to shelter themselves from the US big brother clamp down on extracting every single penny(centavo) from its citizens. more…

Add Jaco Segway tours to Stand Up Paddle surfing in Jaco Nov 18

Jaco Segway ToursFor pura vida purists and locals here in Jaco Costa Rica, seeing someone ride a wave using a stand up paddle board and then a Segway PT gliding along the beach, they must be thinking they are in another world. Originally posted here: It is unlike anything you have ever seen before, Jaco Segway tours using Segway personal transporters gliding along Pastor Diaz in Jaco. Not the usual ATV tours with a caravan of people roaring off to some mountain trails but 1 or 2 Segway gliders moving along silently heading off to ??, well we do not know. According to the new site which is offering Jaco Segway tours,, they are offering tours of Jaco Beach and Los Suenos. more…

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Minister drops Jaco mayor’s wave during high tide Aug 12

Talk about dropping other surfers waves: the Costa Rica dropped on Mayor Marvin’s longest left in his life. He has been helping Jaco grow since 2006 and anyone who has visited here knows infrastructure keeps getting better and better. How can the Costa Rican government justify its actions when there are violent criminals on the streets in Jaco, Herradura and in their own backyard San Jose?

Read this campfire stomper from the Ministry of Transparency  and copied from the Jaco blog:

The Deputy Prosecutor of Probity, Transparency and Corruption, in conjunction with the Judicial Investigation Organization  (OIJ), today arrested the mayor, deputy mayor, the head of the Municipal Police, the municipal provider and a private attorney during a raid that took place in offices of the municipality of Garabito in Jaco Costa Rica. more…

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