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Kelly Slater says “terrorism…is overrated…”

Dec 13

Surf sensation and 9 time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater gets slammed from readers regarding his comments during an interview with Jon Coen on EXPN. The interview took place on November 19th, 2008 in NYC so apologies for the belated entry. It was the readers comments fromkelly-slater-expn-interview-with-john-coen theinterview that alerted me to this post. I also assume that most of the readers are surfers because not to many people outside of surfing know who Kelly Slater is, even when he is announced to be in a relationship with Cameron Diaz. Most people respond by saying “Kelly it a girl or guy? Even ESPN the goliath of sports news and owner of the EXPN site which posted the interview acknowledges through it’s own actions that Kelly Slater is not mainstream enough to publish an article solely on his persona.

An ESPN writer flew out to conduct an interview, spent 2-3 days with him but when the editors cut it up, the focus was on his break up with Pamela Anderson not on his surfing achievments. Only surfers can appreciate this aspect of Kelly Slater and from the comments readers posted the majority seem to agree that Kelly should stick to talking about surfing rather than engaging in opinion. kelly-slater-says-terrorism-is-overrated During the interview, Kelly says “Terrorism is a played-out, overrated threat considering that terrorism, world-wide, might kill thousands of people a year, while cardiovascular disease kills 15 million and cancer kills, like, 12 million. Those are bigger issues in my eyes.” This comment prompted an onslaught of slams by surfers who chided that Kelly is out of touch and doesn’t understand the issues. One surfer comments, if Kelly lost his father along with thousands of other lives in the 9/11 attacks he would not be so nonchalant about terrorism being “played-out” or less important. Perhaps his cozey world of swells and beachfront locations distorts his reality. To reinforce this distortion, he goes on to discuss how companies like Fuse has and says “Maybe if some people want to save their jobs, they should get together and decide to make a little bit less money until the economy turns around, and keep all these people on. Work together, you know? But then they would be called socialists and communists and people would want to— (pause) kill them (laughs)”

A surfer responds to this by writing “What are you going to do in New York Kelly?” Answer ” go to my rich friends bar and get drunk and pick up on chicks, like you know, wow, it’s like, gnarly nutriition man, like cool dude, I feel so stoked bro, like, like you know, like yeah bro. I wish everyone could like, afford to go to overpriced yuppie stores and spend a fortune on organic foods. See how beautiful the like world is now bro? Now you can like, feel like you like make a difference by like, supportingkelly-slater-expn-interview-says-terrorism-is-over-played corporate chains, instead of like growing your own food.” Obviously, the reader was attempting to point out that Kelly like most of us are consumers and capitalists. Fact is, Kelly Slater’s existence and riches is derived from the capitalism he slams and that if we lived in a socialist or communist society, he likely would not have anything like he has today. Nor would his achievements be honored since they would not help the collective good of that society. Many readers wrote in his defense stating that others who slammed Kelly’s comments, were simply jealous of his achievements or that readers should not over analyze his comments. This witer disagrees with that assertion and that type of defense. While he has every right to his opinion on issues but when he puts them out in the public domain and offers solutions, he is opening himself up to criticism. Which is why, he should stick to what he knows and what he is best at in the world and proven 9 times and that is surfing! To read the entire interview go to EXPN here

Kelly Slater Daughter,kelly slater

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    I got this link from your Bobby Martinez profile and this is not good. What Kelly says about terrorism being overplayed shows his stupidity. I mean this guy is a god in the surfing world and he says something like this. Slater is the Micheal Jordon of surfing. I do not think we will hear MJ or Tiger Woods saying shit like this.

    I read the whole thing on EXPN and you did a good summary of the piece. This is a decent site and when I come to Costa Rica to surf, I will certainly get in touch with you.


  1. 2
    Surfer Profile: Bobby Martinez (via Pingback)

    [...] Martinez, if only for his public image. Kelly said during an interview with EXPN that “…Terrorism…is over-played…” has not earned him many fans outside of the surfing world. And if the surfing gods of [...]

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