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Witch’s Rock Joe Walsh rambles

Dec 21

I still love loud music, especially punk, probably because I grew up watching Taylor Steele surf videos. Pennywise, Bad Religion and Unwritten Law were great back then. Now I’m finding myself listening to the Hives, Rocket from the Crypt and Iggy Pop among other bands. I’m also stoked on Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird when I want to slow it down a bit, just not the last couple of days…

If Costa Rica had better programming on Direct TV I wouldn’t just play classic rock in the restaurant like I do. They used to have an awesome reggae channel that was overtaken by show tunes. Ugh. Internet radio would be great, but the internet here in CR can suck and is overall unreliable in town. At least exists and the internet has been working well lately.

The Costa Rican surf circuit, known here simply as the CNS, is hosting the Witch’s Rock Surf Contest here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp January 10th and 11th, 2009. Inscriptions will be at the camp the night of Friday January 9th. I f#ck%d up and told Sebastian, the owner of Babylon, that we would host the contest party at his club on Saturday night. I did this because I was planning on leaving town on the 10th on surf tour. Then I found out that Red Bull had already purchased the advertising rights to the party directly from the CNS before the season started. I guess I didn’t get that memo, probably because Larry forgot to put a cover on the TPS Report. So, as to eliminate confusion, here are the facts:
- Friday January 9th 5pm-7pm – Surf contest inscriptions @ WRSC - Saturday and Sunday January 10th and 11th – surf contest, Playa Tamarindo - Saturday night – 911 La Radio, Red Bull and Witch’s Rock Surf Camp present the Torneo Witch’s Rock Party at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.
I guess this means I’m leaving on the tour a day late. I’m hoping to get some solid waves out of town while everyone competing is up north ;-) The event is going to be off the hook so definitely plan on being in Tamarindo if you can make it.

The next surf contest being officially announced today is the Christian Surfers Surf Contest being held February 21st and 22nd, hosted by Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. I’m in talks with their organizers to have our first concert of the 2009 season during this weekend. Yesterday I shot emails back and forth with Tony Lee, Tom Curren’s manager. It would be insane to get the 3X world champ to play a show at the camp. Tom, I’ll be surfing Rincon next week if you want to hook up for a surf! that would be sweet… he is a legend. For this contest we’ve also discussed the band Switchfoot. I went to UCSD with the Foreman brothers and Chad Butler, also surfed with Chad on the UCSD surf team. We threw the Ocean Awareness Club concerts in the on-campus pub back in the day, I remember having Switchfoot play for us at one of those shows. As suggested by many friends, I’ve decided to host multiple, smaller events and to also utilize other events and their support to help organize these shows. I mean, come on. I have a surf camp to run. I’d love to see this all happen and am stoked so many people read this blog and find ways to work with me on so many things. 2 events in the first 2 months of 2009 isn’t a bad start. Tommy, I need your help if we’re going to get SOJA down here. I have been slammed, meaning to call you from John Hugo’s house when I’m up there surfing central coast Cali with him this next week. If you can help me organize an event we can fill some rooms during a slower week and have a killer event at WRSC, thinking more about the end of April / start of May so there is no stress interfering with what is appearing to be a big year. I’d have more time to help promote it at least.

It happens to be Christmas next week. How exactly did that happen? I write this as I’ve just checked in online for a flight back to San Diego tomorrow. Holly and I, Otis and Happy, going back to visit the family and friends for the holidays. Its been a while since we’ve been up there, to a point where I actually feel like I’m going on a vacation. There is a TON of snow in the local mountains so we plan to be snowboarding for the first time in 8 years, that will be sweet. I’m working a ton this week, partially because the surf has been flat, but also to make some cash so I won’t be stressing while I’m taking two (of the busiest) weeks away from the camp. Fortunately my crew is amazing and I am very confident that things will run perfectly. After doing the same thing every day for 8 years its starting to get into a rhythm. SD means watching the Chargers game with my dad on Sunday. Holy crap I can’t believe that if we win this weekend and Denver loses, we have the opportunity to beat them on December 28th, essentially knocking them out of 1st place and pushing us into the playoffs. Some of our games we’ve played like shit so its a long shot, but I’m keeping the faith. I think they just need me there for moral support (I’d like to think).

A snapshot from the restaurant, both Holly and I looking after one kid each. Having kids has turned my life upside down. I’m still in shock that I’m a dad, and its going on three years here shortly…
We had our WRSC Employee Christmas party on Wednesday night here at the camp. The restaurant was shut down to outside traffic and reserved for employees, their families, WRSC guests and a few friends. There was a lot of food and drink, and we had a salsa band, more than one of my staff didn’t show up yesterday morning and was mysteriously “sick”. ah hah. You take care of that by drinking a beer on Thursday morning, at least you do if you’re joe walsh (and the surf is flat). I’m starting to see a pattern here.

WHO WANTS A FREE TRIP TO COSTA RICA? Here is how you can give yourself a wonderful Christmas present, a free trip to Costa Rica. How? #1 You have to speak Spanish, at least well enough to converse with anyone on the street. #2 You have a drivers license. #3 You want to take a surf trip through Mainland Mex and south through Central America, ending up in Tamarindo. You get to drive in a 2008 Toyota Tundra 4-door 4×4. Am I joking? No I’m not. I’m paying for the gas, you’re driving the truck. This is Dayton Manual, your co-pilot.

Contact me by clicking that little link at the top right, or call the WRSC hotline 888-318-SURF and they will track me down. You will be responsible for getting yourself to San Diego, and for sending me tons of photos from the trip.

My good friend Chris Meredith told me I was surfing like Tony Hawk lately, which was a nice compliment, except for the fact that Tony Hawk is a skater and I’m a surfer. Probably its because I’m in that do-a-360-at-the-end-of-every-wave phase, a phase I never thought I’d get into. I see other surfers get in that phase every once in a while and I’m like what a kook, look at that dude trying a 360 every chance he gets, and now here I am being that guy. I am so lame its funny. I didn’t realize how much fun it was to slide your tail out on a fish until I learned how to do it and starting sticking them more and more often. Now its gotten pretty cool, to a point where I’m connecting tricks on a wave like I haven’t done before. I guess I’m a late bloomer. Ironically I grew up across the street from Tony Hawk, so maybe theres something in the water on Escobar Drive. All I know is that I’m bringing my board with me to SD and I plan on surfing some (cold) waves over the next couple of weeks. What else is new?

The Santa Cruz municipality (the county that Tamarindo is in) was apparently “shut down” this week, with our mayor being led off to jail and investigated on charges of corruption. Supposedly there is some concerns that the muni was illegally selling permits. The Tamarumor is that a couple of newer businesses in Tamarindo bought permits illegally via paying off the municipality, as well as quite a few illegal liquor licenses. The San Jose government has literally removed all of the documents from the municipal buildings in Santa Cruz. With the lack of organization in this government, its going to be months before things get figured out. It is times like this when those who have paid bribes to government officials start to sweat, hoping the Costa Rican version of the FBI doesn’t show up at their doorstep. It is in times like these that I am very happy I don’t have to worry about this, as the biggest bribe I’ve ever paid has been to get out of a speeding ticket, and I’m not even sure thats illegal down here (sarcasm). Soooo… I’m sure I have some neighbors that are sweating it a bit over the holidays, all I can is that I wish you the best. Its a bummer you couldn’t pay all of your taxes or obtain your permits through legal means like the rest of us do. You can read about our wonderful government scandal at

I’m going to the Surf Expo in Orlando next month, so lets hook up while I’m there. I’m getting in either January 14 or 15, leaving probably the 17th either way. I’m highlighting a friend’s company website on our newsletter, His name is Bill Homer, he has been to WRSC a zillion times, Bill lets hook up at the show. I’m looking forward to getting lost in Florida (again). Adam Greenman, where are you bro? Larry has a friend with a house in Orlando, she is out of town, we’re all going to crash there. If it falls through, does anyone else have a crash pad for the WRSC crew? Joe + Larry + ?

I am going to pack for SD. I suck at email, at facebook. I’m good at saying hi to someone in person. I am hoping to see my friends and catch up over the next two weeks in SD, please find me at my parents house on Escobar. Pura Vida – Joe

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

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