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10 Best Surfs Spots on Earth Dec 07

1. Canary Islands – Spain

Lanzarote and Fuerteventura can often get crowded, but have a good selection of reef- and point-breaks. A yacht charter will take you to less accessible islands such as La Graciosa and Lobos, which have top-quality point-breaks for surfers of all abilities.

Consistently big swells from October to March.

On Lanzarote, the volcanic Timanfaya National Park and the spectacular views afforded by the Mirador del Río shouldn’t be missed. The Sahara-like sand dunes on the island of Fuerteventura are also worth seeing.


Ideal for everyone from complete beginners to experts. Surfers head here from all over the world for the late-summer swells, and several pro contests are held locally each year. Crowds can usually be avoided by travelling away from the main breaks.

August to October for warm water; Spring to avoid the crowds.

Villages and lakes leading up to the Côte d’Argent to the north; to the south, the historical Basque city of Bayonne, and the elegant resort of Biarritz. Inland, the Pyrenees visible from the coast are great for walking and mountain biking. more…

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Juan Luis Guerra Concert in Postponed Dec 07

juan luis guerra
Questions Remain Regarding the Real Reason for the Concert’s Postponement.

The long awaited concert of the Christian Salsa singer Juan Luis Guerra was postponed last minute last night due to bad weather. Yesterday saw a light shower from the early morning until 6 p.m., however was it really enough to stop a concert from happening?

The production and management company hosting the Juan Luis Guerra concert made the decision to change the date until this evening, Monday, Dec. 1, due to the day’s drizzling rain, however some people were upset as the Costa Rica weather was not severe, with just light showers throughout the day. more…

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Jaco in hot water about untreated sewage run-off Nov 18

Two months ago, a report was released by the government citing Jaco Beach has having a bacteria count of coliforms multiple times higher than acceptable for human bathing. Many people who live here already know this is a problem since they can smell the raw sewage as they walk by the rivers or over the bridges on a daily basis. Furthermore, business owners and homeowners are not surprised by this report since they know themselves to be pollutors and/or contributors. More so, Costa Ricans know very clearly where the pollution is coming from as noted by the Sala IV in 2007.

The problem is further exacerbated by local business advocates focusing not on the report but that the report was published with alterior political motives. Translated: They are not denying the reports of “Aguas Negras” or “Black Water” but fuming about how the report was published and its timing. Nobody seems to focus on the real issue which is lack of enforcement for existing laws. more…

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