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Stand up Paddle Surfing in Costa Rica?

Jan 14

laird-hamilton-stand-up-paddle-surfingCosta Rica stand up paddle surfing is new and Jaco is filled with champion surfers from around the world. So it is normal for most people to see Jaco surfers standing up on their surfboards. But the look on peoples faces when they see a person standing up on a surf board while holding a long paddle or stand up paddle surfing ranges from “what is that person doing?” to “WOW!” Officially known as  Stand up Paddle surfing boards aka SUP or SUPS.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing History

stand up paddle surfing womanStand up paddle surfing is the most ancient form of surfing or the original form dating back hundreds of years to the south pacific.  But it was not until recently has the sport taken on new levels in competition. What is great about stand up paddle boarding is that it has greater reach to both genders and age groups. The ease of standing up, maintaining balance, and the greater mobility is the key attraction to stand up paddle surfing.

SUP surfing can take place in all wave conditions which makes this type of board surfing more flexible. For example, most surfers live and breath by the change in tides or swells but not so for SUPS or stand up paddle  surfers, they can surf in most conditions.

Recently, more people are taking to SUP surfing as a means of learning how to deal with currents and water fears. In years past, this would not have been easy since the board itself would have inhibited many people from simply carrying it to the beach. But with modern designs and the new space agestand-up-paddleboard-david-carson expoxies, the new SUP boards are light(er) and better designs aid in water manueverability.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing in Jaco

It seems that the SUP surfing has arrived in Jaco and I wager it is here to stay.  Jaco being the mecca of surfing, it has tempted vacationers for years to try and learn the sport. With Costa Rica stand up paddle surfing in Jaco, more and more vacationers will have the opportunity to enjoy what tidal surfers have felt for years, adrenaline and pure fun.

Everyone in surfing has read that Laird Hamilton rode into the Peahi Jaws using a Stand Up Paddle board. In doing so,  Laird  gave credibility to stand up paddle surfing and paddle surfers. Furthermore, in the chic and hip world of surfing his foray into Jaws gave permission to other big name surfers to try out the paddle boards and its methods.

One thing I am not looking forward to is getting hit by one of these mammoth paddle surf boards, so I hope Chuck from WOW Surf Shop in Jaco will instruct his SUP renters well. Chucks surf shop was the first surf shop that embraced stand up paddle surfing in Jaco Costa Rica.

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  1. Those are some great photos! I have to say of all my favorite hobbies in Costa Rica Stand Up Paddle Boarding has to be one of the best! Especially when there is not a wave in sight just a lake like ocean. I could paddle around for hours!!

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