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Surf Video CNS Copa Balance Open Nosara,Costa Rica

Feb 22

Once again more opinions coming out about the final results of the Copa Natural Balance Open in Playa Guinones or Nosara, Costa Rica. The 18 year old surfer from Jaco, Jair Perez, won his first contest in the Open category in Nosara, Costa Rica. For those in attendance at the Playa Guiones contest of the Circuito Nacional de Surf  sponsored by DayStar Properties it was the most memorable contest performance in memory. In this contest, not only did Jair win his first open category but  he beat the 5th and 6th rankded surfers in the world. This is quite an accomplishment for the young surfer out of Jaco, Costa Rica.


To win this contest Jair Perez had to advance 6 rounds which is quite an accomplishment mentally and physically when beginning the heats. But heat after heat, from the first day of competition Jair entertained and won over the spectators with his strong legs and his wise selection of the waves. The top Costa Rican surfers at the moment, Jason Torres and Luis Vindas, desperately used whatever they could in their own personal arsenal of aerials and technical maneuvers to try and stop Jair from winning.

Unlike the top surfers, Jair did not have an “ace up his sleeve” rather he used his signature “round house” moves along with button turns on the waves that created explosive verticals, and snaps which gave him the ultimate points earning him his victory in the final heats of the Nosara surf contest.

With his victory, the “little giant” of Latin America surfers, Jair Perez has shown that those with the hunger for top seed can knock down the top surfers of the moment. Furthermore, he has proved that top surfing in Costa Rica is not limited to a few older surfers but has shown that there is a large pool of talent nationally of young surfers who can compete in the Open category.

Translated from Spanish, Jair Perez said in a speech during the awards ceremony “To win in the Open category nowadays is very difficult to do, there are new surfers in the Circuit that are lesser known but very talented who come with a hunger for  surfing excellence. I feel very confident with today’s win because the waves were incredible and everyone was surfing at their highest level.”

On the other hand, Jason Torres aka Jason Towers was satisfied with his second place results and noted that his overall points in the contest still keeps him within range for the Costa Rica national championship. If he maintains a good showing in the coming heats at Playa Carmen and Playa Hermosa he can still achieve his first national championship in the Open division.

Costa Rican Surf Video of the Nosara surf contest courtesy of Maluca Videos.

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