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Carlos Munoz Sweeps CNS Surf Contest in Santa Teresa

Mar 11

carlos-munoz-cns-playa-carmen-costa-ricaOnce again, Carlos Munoz, the young star surfer out of Esterillos, Costa Rica who is only 16 years old won not only his category but swept them all. Carlos Munoz, who was picked up by Volcom not along ago won the Boys, Junior and Open categories during the fifth meeting of CNS DayStar COPA. This last weekend’s event was called the COPA Day & Night and took place in the beautiful Costa Rican surf spot Santa Teresa. Jose Urena said the showing of tourist and nationals to this fifth event demonstrates Costa Rica’s maturity in the international surfing community.  With Carlos, winning the open category this sets the stage for the final battle for national surf champion in Playa Hermosa on May 1 between Jason Torres and Federico Pilurzu.

Considered the most promising surfer in Costa Rica and all of Latin America, Carlos Munoz entered the Open final with the highest points of any surfer with 17.5 points. He also scored the highest points on a single wave with 9.5 points by performing some amazing feats. Munoz received the highest points after he did a two-meter aerial reverse drop then flew into a 360 to finish with two radical slashes.

After that point award Pilurzu, Torres and newcomer to the Open finals, Jefferson Tascon moved in on Munoz’s point but with only 5 minutes left in the final, all were out of time and were not about to change the outcome which is historical in Costa Rica.  Some people said that because Carlos was surfing for the Boys and Juniors event prior to the Open, he was able to get in harmony with the currents and the waves that were in play at Playa Carmen and knew where to pick his waves to win the Open. I hope this is true because it just goes to show how smart this little person is and how attuned he is to the waves and his board and how much he deserves this.

santa-teresa-costa-rica-surf-contest-fansWhen they finished the final heat, the crowd from Esterillos and Munoz’s friends broke into a cheer as they were witnessing a record for all time where a young man of 16 years wins all three categories in a single event. In the touching award ceremony, Carlos said (translated from Spanish) “I want to thank my family, sponsors, fellow surfers, the federation (Costa Rica’s surf organizer), and all those who have shown up for each CNS event and supported us. I have received something which I have been dreaming of for years” while holding the trophy. Carlos Munoz comes from very humble origins and to hear him say he has been dreaming of this for years speaks to the ambition this young man has. With the Billabong WSG2009 coming in a few months, this win will add some enthusiasm for visitor to come and see Carlos surf. In addition, Carlos is part of the Costa Rican team, which will go to the WSG Juniors 2009 in Ecuador at the end of this month. Stay tuned to Surf in Jaco for reports of that event. 

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