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Costa Rica Ranks Top 5 Cleanest Country in the World

Apr 28

costa-rica-rainforest1Surfers and surf vacation fanatics can be proud that Costa Rica now ranks as one of the top 5 places in the world for being the cleanest country. Below is an article about the findings of a recently published study by Yale and Columbia.

The Universities of Yale and Columbia have published their collaborative study called 2008 Environmental Performance Index (EPI.) The study uses over 40 metrics which are collected from each country and then compiled to produce comparative results for ranking purposes. Costa Rica ranked for the first time in this study in the top of all countries in the world. To give this perspective here are the top five in order of performance: Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Costa Rica. The USA ranked 39, Mexico 47, and China 105

Some east metrics for industrialized countries to achieve high numbers on are the water quality or water stress metrics. Given that most industrial nations have infrastructure to support itself, the ability to provide clean drinking water is available. Costa Rica is able to provide bacteria free drinking water to the majority of the country. But where Costa Rica equals modern countries on water quality it surpasses them in low Sulfur Dioxide emissions. Costa Rica does not burn coal to produce electricity unlike many of the European and North American country’s. As a result, Costa Rica scores very high in air quality because their is no emissions of this sort here.

The study also shows that countries with similar ecosystem rankings share the high scores but for very different reasons. For example, Switzerland which ranks very high in Eco-Vitality did so because of very good environmental management, while Costa Rica did well because of the lack of development which results in less stress on the natural resources. The vast stretches of Costa Rica that have been untouched by developers and farmers have given Costa Rica an edge that only rich countries normally have. In the early 70′s, many North Americans came to Costa Rica and began setting up bio-parks, bio-preserves long before it was hip. Now Costa Rica is reaping the rewards of these environmental pioneers.

However, despite the land conservation triumphs Costa Rica didn’t score well in the marine protection areas. The MPA is defined as “Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are the aquatic equivalent of terrestrial reserves. They are legally set aside for protection from human disturbances, such as fishing, industrial exploitation, and recreational activities (depending on the type of MPA). They help alleviate fishing mortality, reduce the harvesting of non-target species, and ensure fishing gear does not impact habitat. In addition to protecting biodiversity, MPAs aid in the restoration of commercially viable fish species.” Costa Rica scored a 6 while Belize scored a 71. The Costa Rican government has a long way to go in protecting our marine zones and could use the publics support in this effort. Some comparisons for the MPA score: USA 38, Australia 78, Venezuela 45.

Costa Rica’s conservation programs and protected bio-zones is one of the main reasons tourists from around the world choose Costa Rica for their vacations. In the Costa Rica real estate market land buyers and vacation home buyers choose this paradise for the same reasons. Lush vegetation, wild animals, pristine beach fronts which untouched by the modern world allows thousands of people each year to enjoy natures bounty.

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  1. 1

    this can’t be true. i live in costa rica and i know which beaches are closed from polution and i know about the infections caused by swimming in costa rica’s waters. i know about the raw sewage that runs from the hotels right into the lagoons where their guests swim.

    honestly, these people have no “green” sense about them at all, this is advertising convincing the world that this dirty little country isn’t as disgusting and ass backwards as it really is…yeah, yeah, yeah…highest literacy rate, cleanest water, blah blah blah = more tourism, Duh!

    heck, ALL of the raw sewage from San Jose runs right down the Tarcoles river straight into the ocean, because these donkeys can’t build a sewage plant and are waiting for some real country to come fix that problem for them too…yep, that means when you stop to look at the Tarcoles alligators, that water is that brown color because, well i think you get the picture.

    what about Panama and Nicaragua? ..they border costa rica to the north and south, have the same water, why aren’t they in the list? because they are not as popular of a destination and therefor they apparently don’t deserve some endorsement for clean water from some college brats.

  2. 2

    good info to know. thanks

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