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Good Food for Cheap in Jaco

Jun 17

tipico-jaco-sodaThis is the first post of a long overdue promise of providing useful information about Jaco and the surrounding surf towns while you are here. We will begin to inform you about free internet cafes in Jaco, best places to eat in Jaco, best hotels in Jaco, and other information that you need while you are here in town.

Tipico Jaco, also known as “El Chocoaco”, is starting to be the buzz around Jaco. It is your own personal buffet. The restaurant is a nice set up outside and all open with nicely designed wooden tables.

The food is your average Tico style, with many different choices to choose from! You have your meat category, vegetables, fresh fruit, salad, and fresh drinks daily. And if what you see is not what you’re in the mood for, they also have a number of items you can pick off the menu, a la carte.

Your average casados, which is some type of meat with your choice of sides. That’s not even the best part; you can choose anything you want all for the value of under $5! What I love about the place he they tend to pile on the food, so it’s a good thing they don’t price based on serving sizes.

The soda is located where the calle pops intersects with the costanera. So think about it, you spent all your cash on that last ATV ride, looking to eat cheap, great food with pretty decent service, Tipico Jaco would be one of the restaurants I recommend.

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    This place has really good food but the woman who serve you are real bitches. One of the owners who is often behind the counter is the only person that will offer you a smile. Sorry but there is something wrong when the person putting food on your plate looks angry and resentful, it just sets the appetite in the wrong direction.

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