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Jaco Restaurants Phone Number List

Apr 16

Jaco Restaurants Telephone NumbersSo many people have sent us emails over the years asking for this number or that number and the most of any category is for Jaco Restaurants. We could list a lot of other Jaco business phone numbers but so many come and go that the guide would need updating monthly. The Jaco restaurants we list here are places where tourists and locals love to go eat at. In other words, these places are mostly likely here to stay for the long haul.

Jaco Restaurants

Most of the Jaco restaurants are located along the main drag called Pastor Diaz which runs the entire length of Jaco Beach. There are a few Jaco restaurants that are on the beach feeder streets which run perpendicular to Pastor Diaz. Some notable Jaco restaurants that are on these feeder streets are El Hicaco and the Poseidon Bar and Grill. There are many more smaller eateries on these streets but the main attractions line Pastor Diaz.

There are also two types of Jaco restaurants; American style and Tico style. American style is exactly what tourists would expect. They have an assortment of dishes that are prepared to order in a particular cuisine along with specials. An example would be, Los Amigos which serves a cuisine of beef and fish served in a variety of styles. The other Jaco restaurants style comes in two varieties: soda or buffet. The soda is simple a tico restaurant with a typical tico food. The buffet is typical tico cuisine and you tell the server what you want from the prepared foods set out.

Jaco Restaurants Phone List

These are in no particular order, as they are added as people request

Pizza Pata Phone 2643-6543 – Located in Plaza Coral in front of Mega Super
Los Amigos Restaurant 2643-2961
Picaro Pizza 2643-1477

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