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Museo Sans 500 Font – Another off topic post!

Apr 25

Maybe I should start another blog dedicated to all of the work that goes into blogging and the tools you need to do this. This is the second post in as much as two years this site has been alive. I searched and searched and I am pretty good at searching and did not find this FREE Museo Sans 500 font anywhere. I was able to find it linked to every gosh darned font e-commerce site in existence. So if you do not want to go through the hassle of telling these people your dogs name and your first grade teachers name you will have to download the Museo Sans 500 download font here.

Who the hell remembers their first grade teacher anyway? I didn’t but then I do remember my Kindergarten teacher who was a babe and I loved getting hugs from her!!

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    Tim P 

    After traveling through Jaco for the last twenty years, it finally happened. We had driven down from San Jose after our flight in and had to stop for a quick bite in Jaco. Our cars were fully loaded with luggage and we parked them in plain view of the open air restaurant L’Esperanza. It was daylight and we watched the cars carefully. On the drive out, we noticed a backpack missing with two passports, $500 cash, Ipod, cell phone and most of one persons clothes. Somehow, a crook had jimmied the door and made off with it and a girl’s purse. The local police could not (would not?) file a report. Of course there were no witnesses, although I noted some peculiar activities by a few street and vendor people as if they were looking at something. We filed a report with the police the next morning, suspended cell phone service and continued on our vacation. It was interrupted by the flight back to San Jose to the US Embassy to acquire new passports, but otherwise was a cautionary travel through southern Costa Rica where we encountered much better manners.
    Advice for travel anywhere near Jaco: keep your most valued possessions in contact with your person and be aware of your surroundings to avoid even the slightest vulnerability.
    We have phone numbers called using the stolen phone that I will follow up on with the police.
    One study that I was made aware of which was done by interviewing 400 people exiting Costa Rica, found that over half had been robbed, some by gunpoint.
    Travelers beware.

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    Thanks so much!! Damn I sure appreciate this.

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    You bet, nice the post helped you!

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