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How hard is it to find surf instructors in Tamarindo Costa Rica?

Aug 26

I will be studying abroad in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and was wondering how difficult it would be to find a place where I can get good surfing lessons. What are the prices like?

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    It is quite easy. That is where my students go to learn to surf during their breaks. There are AT LEAST 2 surfing schools there and my students say that there are free lancers too.

  2. 2

    I was just in tamarindo for 4 days on a biology trip. there are surf shops everywhere on the main street. the average price for a 2hr lesson is 25 dollars. I recommend taking a lesson. you can also rent a board for around 2 to 6 dollars an hour. if you are looking for a place to stay, El Milagro hotel is a good choice. The rooms are basic but the food is good and it comes with the price of staying. it is only a stones throw away from the beach and there are surf shops within a two minute walk.

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