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Professional Soccer is now in Jaco Beach – Jaco Rays

Aug 30

The Jaco Rays is a professional soccer team that is playing in the second division here in Costa Rica. Professional meaning they are paid to play, but that does not translate into how they play. Hopefully the Jaco Rays will play like Liga or Saprissa in a few years. But for now, Jaco Rays soccer team now is on the map and is the only one here on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Jaco Rays is the brain child of Pat Hundely who is one of the developers of the DayStar Properties projects in Costa Rica. We do not know if it is DayStar Properties who owns the Jaco Rays or if it is Pat Hundely. For sure, it will be the Jaco community that will eventually either accept or reject the team that is using their namesake. A few local business leaders have rejoiced that finally someone has brought into Jaco and enables the possibility of the community coming together for a common goal. Everybody wants to win and certainly as the Jaco Rays begin winning, the pride of the team will swell along with that of the community. During high season when Jaco vacation rentals are booked and Jaco hotels are full, the Jaco Rays will be a good activity for vacationers.

Pat Hundely who is a visionary has given the people of Jaco Beach a chance to see exactly what they are: a beach town community. Until now, Playa Jaco is a destination for tourist and most people simply feel that the town is not theirs therefore they do not feel connected. The Jaco Rays soccer team will definitely create sense of community at the stadium during the games and as they continue to win, that community feeling will extend itself to other areas such as keeping the town clean from drugs and crime and pollution. Many people have never doubted the vision of Pat Hundely and the Jaco Rays soccer team may be his biggest development yet and it is one for the people.

Video of Jaco Rays Soccer Team in Jaco Beach

jaco rays

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2 Responses

  1. 1

    We went to see the game and it was very disorganized. The fee for entrance was not even needed since you could see the whole game from outsite the fence.

    They need to have vendors and real sponsors to make the spectator part more appealing. Otherwise, it is nice to have this in Jaco.

    Great site, I have never seen it before until I googled for info about the Jaco Rays schedule.

  2. 2

    Greetings Mario and thanks for your comments.

    We are trying to get a schedule for the Jaco Rays 2010 season. As soon as we get the Jaco Rays schedule we will post it here.

    Until then, it seems that most of the games have been on Saturday. I am not sure if this is a league thing or just coincidence.

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