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Oct 31

nice….. the Chargers won… the Halloween party downstairs with literally hundreds of children dressed up in costumes seems to be going as well as can be.  Hopefully the haunted house isn’t too scary, there are lots of screams but definitely lots of smiles.  Thank you Shannon, Yana, Happy, WRSC maintenance crew, and literally the dozens of others that helped put this whole event together.  I think everyone is really stoked.

Pretty lame that my own kids aren’t here, but being bummed about it isn’t going to change the fact that they’re still in Colorado.  Happy finally got his cast off a couple of days ago, he now has a leg brace, but after this week he can start walking on it.  His leg is healing perfectly.  Happy is such a trooper and has been nothing but great through this whole endeavor, and his big brother Otis has been really great too.  Last week when I was up there with them I watched as Otis opened the front door of the doctor’s office for an elderly man pushing his elderly wife in a wheelchair.  I didn’t ask Otis to do it, I was across the street watching from far away.  He just did it, and I couldn’t stop smiling.  I’m still smiling as I think about the incident.  Wow these kids are growing up fast.  I’m a lucky man.  Wait…  if they’re getting older, that means I’m getting older too.  Oh shit.

Otis dressed up as our dog Sammy

Here we have my son Otis, dressing up as our dog Sammy.  Adorable.

So I went to New York last week…. what a trip that place is… a completely different world than Tamarindo.  Unfortunately there was no surf, but of course I still found myself at a surf shop, this time visiting a friend Bill Homer at his surf shop East Coast Surf Skate Snow.

Joe Walsh and Bill Homer at East Coast Surf Skate Snow

I went to New York to meet with Adam Korn, who is now my literary agent and helping me as I begin to write my book.  The book will be in the inspirational / motivational / self help section of the book store, it’s message will be one of following your passion. Ironically I was asked to speak at Awesomeness Fest next month here in Costa Rica on the same topic.  I guess people like to hear stories about stoner surfers that drive school buses to Costa Rica in search of nothing but waves and good vibes.  Fortunately there is more to that story, and after my NYC meeting I’m feeling really solid about the project.  It helps that Adam has helped to publish books for other clients such as Forest Griffin, Zakk Wylde, and my friend Blake Mycoskie.

I stayed with my friend Gary while I was in the city.  Gary is the drummer for the metal band Angry Dragon and one hell of a good guy.  We went out and saw some bands at Arlene’s Grocery, a venue in the lower east side where he plays often.  Gary and I also jammed out a bit at his rehearsal space in Brooklyn and it sounded really sweet.  We’re trying to collaborate on music between him living up there and me down here.  I think the name of the band should be Vaporizer.

late night at Arlene's Grocery, LESNYC

I’ve been back in Tamarindo for the last week.  The weather has been INSANEly good.  My friend John Alexander came and went, we surfed a ton while he was here.  Now my friend from college Sophie is staying at the surf camp, along with other friends Mark Tucker, Danny Mitchell, and Mike Oldani.  I’ve been hanging out with them a bit, but mostly I’m just surfing and working in the workshop.  I’m waiting on some sun cure to arrive tomorrow so I can finally glass the four surfboards I’ve shaped over the last few weeks.  Below is a finless board that is now fully shaped, fine sanded and ready to be glassed.  It was shaped from dimensions given to me by ex-WRSC employee Mike Shaw, who got them from his friend Derek Hynd. I’m sitting here with some orange spray paint, just itching to paint something orange.  I’ll spend a few days on these surfboards, also start grinding on that old VW camper van.  I’ve got Sammy to keep me company while I wait for my family to come home.

finless surfboard I'm working on

Saturday will be here before you know it and I’ll be on an airplane headed to Lima, meeting a group of WRSC guests and guiding them to remote point breaks in northern Peru.  I get to hang out with my friend Antonio, plus Andres, Flash and Elizabeth are coming to help guide the trip.  If there is a south swell we’ll be making the trek north to Chicama, otherwise we’ll head to the go-to point break we’ve surfed on my previous 4 trips to Peru.  This “secret spot” breaks on both low and high tide, the wind is offshore all day long every day, and there is normally NEVER anyone else surfing there.  Peru is another trippy place to visit, I can’t wait to get back there….

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