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crash landing back on planet EARTH

Nov 15

I was very happy to return to Costa Rica, even if it took forever to get back here.  What a contrast this place is to where we just were.  In Peru the waves are excellent and the people are nice, but everything is very raw.  Going to places like that makes one realize how lucky one is.  I guess that’s one of the reasons I keep going back.

I’m thinking that Nick “the Babysitter” Holt wins the mustache contest.  I just can’t compete with his photo, it just kills me it is so funny holy crap.  I still haven’t shaved my stash much to the dismay of my wife, let the 70s live on!

Here’s the old school surfboard I was surfing last week, dimensions: about as tall as me x not sure how wide x pretty damn thick.  It has the template of a thruster, but only 2 fins and no center fin.  The fins are huge, and set up like side fins on a shortboard.  Strange configuration that totally worked for the super-long walls we were surfing.

Peru magic surfboard deck

magic Peru surfboard bottom

magic Peru surfboard rocker

Of course, like every other trip, right before flying out we rolled the rest of the weed we had into a giant doobie, gave our hugs and our goodbyes, and returned from one fantasy to another.

Dutch breakfast before a big day of travel

I think its time I got some smaller pants.

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