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life is short

Nov 03

You know, it was just last night that I was hanging out with some friends at Patrick Smyth’s house on top of the hill.  We were talking about how lucky we really are to be happy and healthy.  In the past 3 days there has been tragedy, literally one right after another.  Nov.1 a good friend’s child died, Nov.2 we were shocked to hear that one of the world’s most amazing surfers Andy Irons died from dengue fever at 32, Nov.3 this AM I get a text from Patrick, telling me there was a huge fire in the middle of town.  Sharky’s, CR Surf Club’s shop, the falafel guy, plus half of Candace’s Wok ‘N Roll.  I am so sorry for everyone.  Life is very short.  This just reminds me to treat every day as a gift.  I am very thankful to have such a wonderful family, great friends, a great home and a job that I love.  I pray for everyone to stay strong.

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