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Nov 28

Run-D.M.C., Silversun Pickups, James Brown, AFI blasting on Witch’s Rock Pirate Radio in my house right now:

Ahhhhh……. finally back in Tamarindo and getting back into the groove of things. The town has gotten a lot busier these last couple of weeks. High season officially kicks off with the Christmas / New Years holidays, but even now the place is packed.  This gives me a little pressure because I want to be done with the major work projects for WRSC. With more tourists in town the surf camp needs even more focus on providing our quality services and products.  Never being complacent can be a tough job, but its in our DNA and we take pride in working hard.

At the entrance to the restaurant we are putting the final touches on the remodel of our sushi bar / kitchen.  We built more counter space, installed a large sink, an oven, and more refrigeration.  Since the sushi bar doesn’t open until lunch we are using the space in the mornings to make muffins, cookies, breakfast sandwiches, and more.  I want to make available a “coffee and breakfast sandwich to-go” for five bucks.  It will be served in biodegradable packaging.  The coffee lid will be smart, with a little opening that protects you from coffee spillage on these shit-ass roads.  I figure surfers like me want an early to-go breakfast sandwich before heading off to surf, so find us open at 5am for the early morning grinds very soon.

Last night I was sitting at the new sushi bar hanging out with my buddy Blake talking about “haters”.  Blake founded TOMS Shoes and even TOMS Shoes has haters.  Think about that for a moment.  A business that has given away 1 million pair of shoes to poor children all around the world, and still you have people talking shit about them.  Haters hate.  They want to blame you for their failures.  Haters are jealous.  They spend hours on the internet writing nasty reviews or sending hate mail trying to take you down.  Haters can bother you or you can forget about them, assuming that the intelligent folks of the world can decipher the true message (and they can!).  Since starting Witch’s Rock Surf Camp almost ten years ago I have experienced more than my fair share of haters.  I used to jump through hoops for these people, until I realized haters do nothing but hate.  Now I just think they can go fuck themselves.

On Thursday, while we all celebrated Thanksgiving at the surf camp, my neighbor Gabriella Hirsh was sending out a mass email to the Tamarindo community.  This woman believes that WRSC is building on the beach and running our septic waste onto the beach as well.  Ironically nobody at the surf camp received this group email, though we were forwarded it by people who did.  Gabriella, just because you are capable of sending out a mass email saying whatever you like, you have the responsibility of collecting the truth first.

#1 Witch’s Rock Surf Camp OWNS the land adjoining our hotel to the south.  This property extends to the beach parking lot.  We have multiple property markers that you can easily see IF YOU EVER STOPPED BY.  What, you didn’t think this 33 year old surfer dude could possibly own a large undeveloped parcel of beachfront land?  Is it any of your business anyways?  No.  Visit the National Registry before making up Tamarumors.

#2 Witch’s Rock Surf Camp built one of Tamarindo’s LARGEST water treatment facilities!  In a town riddled with antiquated septic systems, we have invested over $100,000 in a state-of-the-art treatment facility.  A current report from the Ministerio de Salud is available for view in our office Monday – Friday 6am – 2pm.  What you are viewing is a storm drain next to our property, not in any way connected to our waste water.  Again, a Tamarumor.

I am bothered that I have wasted my time addressing this issue.  You could have called, or emailed, or stopped by in person- but you didn’t bother.  We are open 365 days/year, how about you?  Oh thats right, you’re hidden away in a beachfront mansion in Langosta with a big wall and an electric fence, completely cut off from what is really going on and the real people of the Tamarindo community.  Hiding behind the cloak of the Pro Mejores group, an organization once supported but now completely disregarded by the town because you do lame shit like send Tamarumor mass-emails blasting local businesses instead of trying to work with them.  Please stay out of my shit!  If you are bored (because you have few friends due to pulling frequent stunts like this one), I took a drive around town and found a couple of things you could look into.

We have 8-year-olds selling alcohol on the side of the road:

buying Vino de Coyol from an eight year old

Am I the only one that finds this a little disturbing?  If you were trying to improve the community, teaching little kids to sell alcohol and drugs should be stopped.  Or is paving the road to Langosta more important?

We have people selling turtle eggs:

Aren't we supposed to protect the turtle eggs?

Instead of wasting precious community resources on so-called community groups, our municipality could have been working to stop illegal turtle egg poaching.  Interestingly, this sign is on the way from Santa Cruz to Tamarindo, so you probably saw it when you were driving back from Santa Cruz filing your denuncia against us.

Gabriella, our community would truly benefit if you worked with the other community members instead of pissing them off.  Imagine a community where people work together and get amazing things done!  Don’t you think that Witch’s Rock Surf Camp wants Tamarindo to have the Blue Flag as well??  I am pretty sure that the new beach bathrooms we are providing the community will help us with this endeavor.  We have an open-door policy here at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp.  Actually, we don’t even have doors!  Stop by and see for yourself.  Stop the hate.

On another note, I learned that my dog doesn’t like fireworks.  I’m remembering that dogs in general don’t like fireworks now that I think about it.  What happened was that I was taking Holly, Otis, Happy and our newly adopted / previously homeless dog Sammy to dinner at Don Brasalitos in Brasalito last night.  On the way I noticed a new fireworks stand and of course after living in Costa Rica for ten years I’ve become a little bit tico and I had to stop and buy some fireworks.  I got quite a few…  After dinner it had gotten dark and we drove down to the beach so Daddy could light them off…  A dozen bottle rockets, a roman candle, and a huge 40-shot sparkler later, we look around and realize the dog has disappeared.  Oops.  After driving around a bit looking for Sammy, I end up leaving the family in the middle of town and go walking until I find the dog.  It could have been a very long night, or even worse.  Sorry Sammy, I promise not to do that again.  Other than the dog getting freaked out Daddy put together a pretty nice night.  Now the family is on the Marlin del Rey with Rosie as its her birthday.  I stayed home to paint the sushi kitchen, write this blog, and watch the Chargers play the Colts on Sunday night football.  Stoked!  thanks for reading, try to enjoy life while you got it – JW

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