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Dec 17

Tamarindo Rumors Costa RicaA few weeks ago we added what we thought was a interesting site to our blogroll. It is called Tamarumors and is about rumors that are about Tamarindo. Pretty straight forward. We have received many emails from readers saying that the site is documenting rumors that are exactly that “rumors”

In other words, what these readers are saying is that by linking to this site gives that site credibility. Another common complaint was, or it seems coming from Tamarindo residents that our site is only linking up to that site in hopes of making Jaco Beach sound better than Tamarindo.

In other words, those readers are saying our intention for linking to the site was based on’s willingness to mar Tamarindo’s reputation and make Jaco look better as a tourist destination.

First of all, everyone who has complained let me state one thing very clearly: Jaco is a better place to come to for tourist and for surfing and we do not need to link to a site to confirm what is already known. The opportunities here in Jaco and the surrounding area vastly offers more to tourists and tourism.

Second, we do not promote or lend credence to the content on the site, it is a link – that is all. We have not posted an article about the site or mentioned any of the rumors that are posted there because they have no relevance to this sites content.

Third, we will remove the link ONLY because of that fact that indeed the site has no relevance to’s content which is surfing in Costa Rica and in particular surfing in the Jaco Beach area. Not because we are caving in to complaints from readers in an attempt to censor our content. Free choice prevails, you do not like the site, no one forced you to click the button to load it….as the cliche goes “change the station”

Honestly, I never really thought anyone paid much attention to the blogroll links and I added it because of our website “friends” in the USA would go there to find info about Tamarindo. We get quite a lot of requests for info about Tamarindo surfing so I thought it would help tourists make a decision on which place to choose.

Obviously, that was a bad decision in the eyes of many readers and as a result we will remove the link and publicly state that we do not lend credence to the veracity of the stories that are posted at

Personally, anyone who lives here in Costa Rica and knows the surfing communities can read the site and know that the site does not even scratch the surface of the rumors that fly around that town and at least creates a format that allows exchange of information unlike the one sided comments from the 3 vocal pesrson who live in Tamarindo that project to be the “all knowing” “straight from the source” and “”moral authority” on what is true or rumor.

I guess this will be filed under Costa Rica Do’s and Don’ts :-)

Edit: We have added a disclaimer to our About Us page or Que Paso page here regarding outbound links. After much thoughtful emails and comments from readers, we have decided to return the link to the blogroll and will remain there as long as we find it relevant to ideas. While certainly, Tamarindo is not Jaco but it is in Costa Rica and as a surfer destination it rivals Jaco in tourism. Therefore, there is “some” relevance for all surfers alike who visit Costa Rica. Special thanks to Derek, Joe, and Josh for their input in this decision.

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5 Responses

  1. 1
    Derek Moore 

    Actually, it is a common issue amongst webmasters and brand name companies. Linking from ones site to another is basically an endorsement. It is a 100% endorsement in the eyes of Google.

    The way around this for the human being readers as opposed to a google bot, is to have this disclaimer in the footer of your site:

    “External links to other Internet sites are not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.”

    Even the State Department has this disclaimer on their site so it is very common but you should add the link to your site if you want and just put the disclaimer on there. You will always have people who want you push their opinions on you or your site, so take it is stride and know that those types of people are vocal but represent the minority of humanity.

    I like this site alot so don’t be changing it :-) There that was me pushing my opinion :-)


  2. Hi All,

    As a long time reader I say you should link to whoever you want to link to. It is your site and you should be free to post a link if you think it is appropriate especially if you say some American users would find it useful. I understand as a blogger myself that you don’t want to annoy your regular audience but at the same time they must like your blog as they come back to it regularly as such they should respect your decision to link.

    I guess you’ve made your decision to change links now but in future I do believe you should stick true to your beliefs if you think it is of use to your readers.

    Best of luck for a happy 2011 and hopefully this will be the last time you have to face such complaints.


  3. 3

    Hi Josh and thanks for the kudos

    I am glad you wrote because it was actually an oversight on my part after getting the comment from Derek Moore and felt that I should just add this “disclaimer” and do what I want to do. As you say this is my blog but my audience is really the owner because without you or other, the site lives in a vacuum of nothing. In fact, what I like most about the site is the participation as opposed to the actual content. I would love to have that type of interaction on this site. I am going to update the sites design soon and my hope is that it will help facilitate more interaction.


  4. Hi Tico,

    I know what you mean re: vacuum so yes rest assured we, the audience, are out there. Sometimes I guess I read a post and then move on. I will try to leave more comments as I know its important to receive feedback being a surf blogger myself.

    Best of luck and looking forward to more great posts… And stay free to say what you want!

  5. 5

    Josh you are Da Man!

    Pura Vida

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