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going big in Peru Nov 10

I am without words.  I have been to Peru many times, but this trip is by far the best surf yet.

surfing the 70s retro thruster in Peru

I fell in love with a surfboard yesterday, a 30 year old twin fin, 6ft retro thruster that was just dominating the perfect point break we’ve been sitting on these last few days…  I might have to shave a mustache out of pure respect.

More Peru pics and story to come tonight, once we get some reliable internet and a few hours of rest…

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Tamarindo; a story of unsupervised development. Nov 09

In 2008, Tamarindo had its Blue Flag taken away; the Blue flag status is an honorary recognition awarded by the Costa Rican department of water and sewage to the beaches that do not leak hazardous wastes into the land and the sea.  The ecological scandal blew out in the open when it was discovered that a rather large number of hotels were throwing their sewage water straight into the ocean. The sea was dangerously poluted and declared unsafe to swim in!

Since the year 2000, North America investors started to buy land and build property without any kind of restrictions or permits. Prices were still low and there was a lot of money to be made! The government looked the other way while the zoning laws along the coastlines were slack. Many took advantage of the situation, and while the building regulations here were never that stringent, it soon got out of hand! Condos and small shopping mall seemed to emerge overnight and grew like mushrooms, while there was little, or even no concern for the infrastructure or the environment. Many locals hated to see what what happening to their beautiful beach.

Now there is a decree protecting the beaches that have not yet been invaded by man. For places like Tamarindo, however, it came too late. Not a real town, yet not a pristine beach anymore, it stands in a twilight zone, without much identity or soul, a place that did not even exist 15 years ago, that grew too fast, without planning, or much thought to the catastrophic consequences inflicted on the flora and on  the fauna.

Playa Langosta lies to the South of Tamarindo. It is a lot quieter than Tamarindo and many tourists prefer to stay there while they have the choice to go to Tamarindo for dinning, shopping, and general entertainment. Langosta is also known for its great surf; Langosta’s coastline is quite rocky, in comparison with the sandy beach of Tamarindo.

Just North of Tamarindo, across the river, is Playa Grande and the famous National Park of Las Baulas, where various types of turtles come to nest, including the awesome, huge Leatherback. Playa Grande has very few hotels or places to stay and it is savagely protected. Playa  Grande is the Turtle beach, first!

For those who are new to Costa Rica these crazy developments may not seem particular, at first. What has been done cannot be undone,  it can never go back to what it should be, Tamarindo is here to stay. There are many small towns, by the sea, everywhere in the world, with charm, peace, and beautiful beaches. Tamarindo can be just that, so hopefully, instead of growing, it will concentrate on improving and become not just a place to visit, but a good place to live, and to love!

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Andy Irons Dead at 32 from Dengue Nov 08

Three-time world surfing champion Andy Irons has died at age 32, reportedly of dengue fever.

Irons was yesterday found dead in a Dallas/Fort Worth hotel room. He was returning home to Hawaii from Puerto Rico, where he withdrew from a surfing competition due to illness. According to media reports, Irons told his family that he had caught dengue fever while in Portugal. more…

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Costa Rica Floods Exacerbated by Illegal Construction Nov 05

Costa Rica FloodsAs with so many other national disasters like the Costa Rica Floods, the truth comes to the surface from the governments spokespeople. Most of the homes that are destroyed are not legal and that Costa Rican’s have built houses on that land despite not owning the land and the danger of avalanches.

Costa Rica Floods in Atenas

This was true in Atenas a few years ago when Costa Rica floods killed scores of families. The homes were built at the bottom of a high ridge that common sense would tell you that the location is going to be prone to avalanches. But that did not stop those people or many of the people in San Antonio de Escazu from building. The government is saying they will help with damage from Costa Rica floods and then out the other side, saying more or less, this is not our fault. Laura Chinchilla said on television today that she will help the families rebuild but once again, rebuild illegal homes? Here you can read a report of Costa Rica’s own emergency more…

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life is short Nov 03

You know, it was just last night that I was hanging out with some friends at Patrick Smyth’s house on top of the hill.  We were talking about how lucky we really are to be happy and healthy.  In the past 3 days there has been tragedy, literally one right after another.  Nov.1 a good friend’s child died, Nov.2 we were shocked to hear that one of the world’s most amazing surfers Andy Irons died from dengue fever at 32, Nov.3 this AM I get a text from Patrick, telling me there was a huge fire in the middle of town.  Sharky’s, CR Surf Club’s shop, the falafel guy, plus half of Candace’s Wok ‘N Roll.  I am so sorry for everyone.  Life is very short.  This just reminds me to treat every day as a gift.  I am very thankful to have such a wonderful family, great friends, a great home and a job that I love.  I pray for everyone to stay strong.

Read Patrick’s blog here -

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