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Jaco Beach Art Festival 2011 is another hit!

Feb 07

Jaco Beach Art FestivalAfter what was a horrible first year, the organizers of the Jaco Beach Art Festival have learned from their lessons. The festival is much better organized and now geared both towards ticos and visitors alike. Originally, it was 100% for ticos but in 2008 ticos were not coming to Jaco like they are today. The new highway from Ciudad Colon to Caldera has allowed the trip time to be reduced by almost half given good conditions. This is both a blessing and a curse for Jaco Costa Rica but that is for another posting, suffice to say that many nationals would not make the trip to Jaco if it was not as easy as it is now.

As a result of easy access, the Jaco Art Festival is attracting ticos to come for the weekend with big name local band and traditional latin music. The tourists are able to get a feel for what tico culture is like and a first hand view at different crafts. Since the original art festival in 2008, organizers are have scheduled the opening to earlier and earlier dates. Originally in May 2008 which was a disaster due to the rainy season and the Jaco festival grounds being inundated with water turned the show into a mudfest rather than an artfest. Location change, and earlier dates seems to be a winning mix for the festival and this past weekend proved it. Here is a site that hasĀ videos of Jaco Arts Festival 2011

The Jaco Art Festival will last all week and end on this coming Sunday. We are trying to get a schedule for the festival and as soon as we get one we will post it here for you. Unless you are looking for a specific music group, just know that the grounds will be available for music, fun, and carnival cuisine(which this blogger does not suggest anyone eat). I heard there is a Cafeteria School in Jaco that is going to come one of the days to offer visitors samples of their schools training. For this blogger that would be the only thing I would eat at the Jaco Beach Art Festival 2011.Jaco Beach Art Festival Carnaval style Dancers

Here are some Jaco Art Festival videos 2011.

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  1. You’ve inspired me to book a trip for next year! I’ve been dreaming of returning to Costa Rica to surf for a while. To coincide with a festival like this would be superb. Now to save the money!!

  2. 2
    business travel management 

    Just like in any other Latin countries, Costa Rica is rich in culture as well as food. I also love how they party and celebrate festivities such as this.

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