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Costa Rica hit by 6.2 earthquake in the dead of night

May 24

Anyone, have dreams of being bounced around? Unless you were sleeping, you surely would have felt the slip and slide motion of last nights or I should say very early morning earthquake here along the central pacific coast of Costa Rica.

The last earthquake I can remember that shook Jaco like this was in 2004 centered in Parrita. Parrita is that little town south of Jaco that endures earthquakes, flooding on a yearly basis. This mornings earthquake epicenter was located along the Panama border according the the USGS sensors located in Heredia. I have not heard any reports of damage here in Jaco but I can tell you we were swinging for a good minute.

For those who experience earthquakes for the first time, often their first reaction to the shaking is something is wrong with them. As if they are lightheaded and about to faint since their whole world seems to be moving. But for those of us who have lived through many of them, the recoginition is immediate.

For those people, who had one too many cocktails, look at the electric lines or hanging items to give you clues about what is transpiring. A word of caution: I said look, DO NOT stand under the electrical lines or the hanging item you are using to determine if it is the drinking or the earthquake that is causing your world to sway. And if you see more than two hanging objects or have double vision as a result of the drinking, if both objects are swinging it is probably an earthquake so you have better take shelter away from falling objects. If you have double vision and only one item is swinging, this writer suggests you go to the emergency room but do yourself a favor and do not try to explain why you are there, if you do, you might end up in the psych ward and that is certainly not a fun place to land yourself here in Costa Rica.

For those who are interested, you can click here to find real time earthquake sensor information for any location in the world. If you are in Costa Rica and want to see how big the jolt was you can look here at the Costa Rican Earthquake Sensor and make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to see the graph. Just be aware that it seems like this government educational institution has not received any international donations, in other words, government pan-handling so they have stopped measuring earthquakes as of December 3rd, 2007. Do not worry, even in this central Amercan isthumus there are entities that believe in self-sufficiency and personal responsiblity and you can find earthquake information here at the University of Panama Geo Site

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    Another quake in surfing paradise (via Pingback)

    [...] second significant earthquake felt in this area in the last month. You can read about the recent earthquake in Costa Rica [...]

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