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Is Playa Jaco Costa Rica Green?

May 31

Six weeks ago, the canton de Garabito or Garabito County in which Jaco is located took delivery of close to 20 new white Toyota pickup trucks courtesy of the local developers. When the rest of the world is trying to conserve on fossil fuel consumption and when the Fuerza Publica cannot afford to pay for it own gasoline usage, Garabito’s employees and workers are guzzling fuel at record numbers.

Today, you can see the monster size pickups touring through town, towering over the smaller local more fuel efficient cars. Previously, it was the pretentious albeit only a handful who drove monter trucks in this paved road city. With the addition of 20 plus gas guzzling trucks, this will only add to the local pollution and one needs to ask themselves, why? What is the purpose of this? Who is going to pay for the enormous gasoline bills? When the Garabito Council claims it cannot afford to do this or that, they seem to have no problems accepting gifts like this.

This behavior is not new as previous articles written in the Tico Times and AMCostaRica have pointed out these hypocritical actions by government. If the council was mandated to buy new autos for its workers, they would have waved that Bandera Azul flag claiming they would not want to add to the pollution and congestion of Jaco. With all of that money donated to buy new trucks and with all of the blue flag waving, Garabito missed an opportunity to reinforce the enviromentally conscious nation.

This author suggested to one of the leadering developers of the donation to purchase Segway transports for the police and inspectors. Segway has a franchise here in Costa Rica, and is a leading developer of eco-friendly transportation called the Segway Personal Transporter would have been the right solution. If Costa Rica and it’s proclamation of being “green” or “eco-friendly” needs to walk the walk. Instead of gas guzzling, macho pickup trucks the Segway option would have been the right solution. Tourist visiting Jaco would see the “green policies” in action, rather we see single workers driving monster pickup trucks.

While many say, this author must be careful about discussing this blatent hypocrisy openly, especially in an online forum, I feel it is the only way to push for its change. Without checks and balances, decision makers and government leaders have proven themselves to make selfish decisions and poor choices when it comes to applying “green solutions” to our growing needs. You can be sure to find more information about such decisions good and bad here in this blogsite. While the site is dedicated to surfing in Jaco you will find real stories about Costa Rican pollution. After all, if the beaches are polluted surfers will choose not to visit this luxurious tropical destination and that would cause the worst kind of damage.

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3 Responses

  1. 1

    It would be helpful to us readers if you would list the developers who donated these trucks. I own a condo in Jaco and was wondering if my developer was one of the companies that donated money.

  2. 2

    Greetings Babuk,

    I do not see the point in listing developers who donated money. If you want you can visit the Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce here in Jaco and ask them. I believe it was them who coordinated most of the donations by developers. I am sure they would answer any questions you have.

    This organization also coordinated the purchase of a beach cleaning machine donated by DayStar Properties. This developer is a large developer here in Jaco and has extensive interests in the quality of Jaco muni services.

    You can find more information about this by using this google search link

  3. 3

    Appreciate the links and the information. I read lots of interesting information about what is called CENPAC. I actually pay a premium to them through my condo association and did not know what they actually do. It seems they are more a charity organization than a Chamber of Commerce.

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