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May 28

Hello world,
have things been going ok? I’m worried about all of you. I don’t own any stocks, but I know that all of you probably do. I’m watching tons of news, and from what I can see in the skybox on my tv is that the market is almost half of what it was a year ago. Two trillion dollars in people’s net worth has vanished. Thats pretty big. What should you do? Smoke some of this really crippie weed Johan’s friend has, thats what. And then? Listen to these tracks and think about how if you lived in Costa Rica you wouldn’t give a shit about the market because you A) wouldn’t be driving your car nearly as far and wouldn’t need to buy gas nearly as much B) you would be surfing good waves for the last however many days straight C) you could avoid political conversations with your neighbors and coworkers D) you realize that quality of life is worth more than your portfolio and you’re happy with the simple things in life.

Irving – The Longest Day In The Afternoon
Millencolin – No Cigar
Run-D.M.C. – Rock Box

I’m sure there’s more reasons than that, but I didn’t write this blog to talk about why you should move here. In fact, I’m quite happy that you didn’t because I surfed for two hours in front of WRSC today by myself and scored. I freaking SCORED! really fun waves, as many as I could surf, it was great. It has made doing work that much harder. I get the rivermouth all of the time by myself because the surf camp stares out at it, so that means I stare out at it. When it gets good it takes me about a second to be in the water. I’m pretty lucky to live here and get these waves so often.
As you read from my last blog, WRSC and 911 La Radio are teaming up to produce a concert in Tamarindo. I have been in contact with Hillary and Halloran from San Diego’s 94.9fm (the best radio station in San Diego if you’re ever in town), Halloran is stoked on the show and is helping me to get Pinback to Tamarindo. I’m still waiting for SOJA to confirm when they can make it, currently we’re looking at January 10th or 24th 2009, or if these dates don’t work then in early February. I have already been offered help some locals here in Tamarindo including Shannon from Coral Reef Cabinas, there seem to be a lot of people here who are stoked to know about the show. If anyone wants to help, just let me know. I am planning on donating any money that the surf camp makes to the Pro Mejores association, with the funds being used towards projects that the surf camp believes in. Can you say sidewalks? speedbumps? street lights? The list goes on and on. Again, any brands that want to sponsor the event, let me know. We are still waiting for word from Skullcandy if they want to be a main sponsor…

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

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