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long week by Joe Walsh

May 29

Hola. I’ve had a friend in town, so I haven’t done any work. The surf was going off, so I was surfing. And drinking import beers that I bought from Automercado. I have responded to about 5% of my email. Sorry! I should get back on track this week, now that the surf is flat.

Here I am chilling with Soulwax, an electro/house band from Belgium . They played a big show in San Jose Saturday Oct. 18th and then came to Tamarindo for a few days. We showed them how to surf. I introduced them to Guaro. That was fun.

Happy is getting huge. He is taking a bottle now, hopefully my wife can take a break from having to wake up through the night. Now at least I can help feed the kid. He is really starting to like the guitar, always strumming it when I’m playing it and playing with it when its lying on the ground. We put Happy on a surfboard today for the first time. He loved it.

Otis is getting huge, makes me feel old!

The surf camp at a rare moment (no guests!). Right now as I type this, Tico Hendrix is wailing some opera version of a Ted Nugent song and the restaurant is packed. I am seeing that I must get more tables, thinking that high season this year is going to be our best year to date. I took a trip to the Zephyr finca yesterday. The drive was beautiful.

Here is Kent taking some pics as we cruised through the most lonely stretches of jungle road I’ve been on in a long time. Late October is the rainiest time of year, and even though there hasn’t been much rain in Tamarindo lately, up in the mountains its a whole other story. Here is a pic of me, arriving to the normal river crossing and seeing the river swollen higher than I’d ever seen.

Wading the river, which was flowing really hard. So hard I could barely keep standing and almost lost my sandals.

This river ended up being 3 feet deep at it’s deepest point. The video clips are shit, but you get the idea.

No water flowing in the cab, so that was good. We ended up finding some pretty sweet offroad tracks that we drove in my truck. Then we got to Zephyr and hiked along the river and to a few outlooks, it was pretty sweet. Here’s a pic of the mountain-

I was really tired after the hike and driving through crazy late-October rain-saturated roads. I took a fat nap yesterday, was really the first time I didn’t surf in a week. The waves have been so good this last week, just great really. I’ve been stoked. Except for the fact I have weeks worth of work to do and only two weeks until I’m in Peru.

OK everyone, before I go a couple last things.

#1 the Tamarindo concert. I’m afraid its too big for the beach so I’ve spoken to Brandon from Pacific Coast Storage about having the show on his land (near the Tamarindo airport). I have an opportunity to book SOJA with Slightly Stoopid, local boys from OB San Diego. It helps that drummer Rymo is friends with Kent, who is currently knocking on my door and waiting to hang out. I also have a past guest who is good friends with Agent Orange, they are waiting for me to call them.

Should I try to pull off the multi-band music fest? We are looking at late February now…

#2 Beloved Shawna will be leaving WRSC next month. I am looking for someone to take over my sales office here. This is an in-country job. I am unable to communicate anything with anyone regarding moving from the US or Canada or the UK to Tamarindo. If you are here and want to apply, please stop by and lets talk. If you know Shawna you know what she does :-)

#3 Peru trip. Everyone, I am going to call you over the next couple of days to confirm surfboards, pickups, other details. You need a 3/2 full suit, you should bring booties as there are a couple of reef spots we may surf. Like all of you, I am very much looking forward to this trip.

#4 I love you Mom and Dad

Thanks to Joe Walsh and Witches Rock Surf Camp!!

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