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Pura Vida – Welcome to Surf in Jaco Costa Rica

May 22

Once a sleepy and quiet farming town, Playa Jaco today is an international destination for surfers of all rank from all walks of life. As a result of the surfing attraction, Jaco’s infrastructure has been built up over the years to provide capacity for general tourism which has been the fastest segment of growth for Costa Rica in the last 5 years.

Today, the central pacific coast of Costa Rica is the fastest growing area in the country and this is a sweet and bitter event. Many town folk miss the “pura vida” ambience of the town and the beach which is now packed with hotels, resturants, shops, and people from all over the world. Other town folk are happy to see progress and technology brought to this area which has been under developed and incapable of maintaining the growing population of tico’s. As a result, power outages, inadequate water supply, medical care, water treatment, general policing of civilians has been under-served. With the increasing tourism revenues, the municipality called Garabito has been able to begin the needed upgrades to these deficient areas.

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    jaco costa rica 

    hello..yes i agree with is the most peaceful place.people comes here just to get relax and peace of mind.

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