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Another good trip by Joe Walsh

Jun 16

Here I again sit in the airport, this time in San Jose Costa Rica. The last four days has been a whirlwind tour of Costa Rica. This last weekend we (the surf camp) hosted the CNS surf tournament in Tamarindo. Marcela and Hazel really did a good job at overseeing everything and helping coordinate with the CNS, the judges, the 911 radio station and their dj, Red Bull, etc etc. The party was pretty fun even though I wasn’t really in the mood. Its hard sometimes, when you live upstairs above everything. You are always on display, especially during big events. Without Holly and the boys being there I was focused on work, but more focused about leaving at 9am the next morning.

Sunday at 8am I was showering and throwing some clothes and other items into my bag and backpack, grabbed my surfboard and took off guiding a surf tour south to Mal Pais. I took Karen and Pam, multi return WRSC guests, plus three guys from Finland. Team Finland were awesome. I learned that #1 they received 4 hours of sunlight in the entire month of December and #2 they go balls out when they surf. Their only other surfing experience was taking a month off last year in Indonesia. Classic. Big Balls is Iso Moona in Finnish in case you were wondering. Funny enough that was the only Finnish I learned while with those guys.

Sunday afternoon we got excellent waves in Santa Teresa, just north of Mal Pais. Saturday night the Chargers lost their playoff game. I was pretty bummed, but I didn’t let it ruin my day. Being a Charger fan means living with this feeling at least once a year, and it makes you a better sports fan. I think.

Monday the surf was pretty windy during the day but I still happened to get four hours in the water over two sessions.¬†Yesterday we took off on the Ferry, hooked up with my driver Leo, and drove to Playa Hermosa. The waves were breaking right on the sand, but really clean conditions. You had enough time to do one or two quick turns and then bail as the shorebreak hit. I rode one up onto the sand, actually pretty fun… We then took off for San Jose as everyone was flying out today.

I had been planning to go to the Surf Expo in Orlando starting tomorrow but hadn’t bought a ticket. Actually, on the way from Playa Hermosa last night, in the back of the van with beer in hand I realized that I didn’t bring my passport. Or my license or credit card. Somehow I can guide a surf tour through Costa Rica with 5 guests and not need any of these things nor my cell phone, but flying to Orlando was another thing. I was able to get Rafa to break into my house at 7am this morning, find my things, and send them on the SANSA plane arriving at 11am this morning. I bought a ticket flying out at 1240pm.

Holly is flying out right now as well, from San Diego. We’re meeting in Orlando and going to the show together. My mom and aunt are watching the boys. It will be the first time in history that Holly and I will be away from both of our boys. Although I miss Happy and Otis, I did just have a wedding anniversary on Saturday and am looking forward to three days in Florida with my wife that I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks.

I’m going to Liberia on Saturday and will be working at the camp next week, hopefully catching up after being on the road this last week. I’ve been getting lots of waves which has been fun. Not huge, but always fun. I’ll write more later, time to board the plane – joe

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

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