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Arte Jaco – A Garabito Municipality Production

Jun 20

agenda-2al5abril1The organizer of the Jaco Arts Festival has returned and will be a fixture of this community. This event is a mixture of the last arts festival but with more activities for the kids and culture. The last festival really took Jaco by storm since the few activities that were offered for kids were well attended and very popular. So popular was the party that Garabito has kept the organizer here to manage other events such as this one.

From the looks at the site today, it seems that the festival will run right through Semana Santa. Check website for details of times and event confirmation.

Thursday – please check itinerary
craft fair all day
5pm: plasticine workshop (free)
6pm: dance capoeira
7pm: Calypso music

Friday – please check itinerary
craft fair all day
6, 7, 8, 9 pm show clown “Kevin the Clown” (video)
5pm: arts workshop for children (free)
6pm: The Estudiantina, the CTP banda
7pm: Albert and Mau, Rock Fusion

(Saturday, April 4)
craft fair all day
3pm: Workshop circus fabrics (3000 colones)
6, 7, 8, 9 pm show clown “Kevin the Clown” (video)
4pm: pintacaritas
7pm: Rock Music

Sunday – please check itinerary
craft fair all day
10 a.m.: Workshop circus fabrics (3000 colones)
4pm: pintacaritas
4pm: Marimba Taka Taka Puntarenas
6-9 pm Hourly Shows of “Kevin the Clown”

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