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Best Surfing in the World: El Salvador

Jun 14

El Salvador, a unique and exotic country, is home to some of the best surfing in the world. El Salvador is located in Central America along the west coast in a beautiful, yet challenging geographical area that offers a great number of spots to surf. The country is quite versatile and is comprised of three different types of topography including the central area, which is made up of valleys, volcanoes, and mountains; the southern area, which is made up of a flat coastal plain; and the Sierra Madre and the Lempa River, which makes up the northern area.

The surf spots in El Salvador range anywhere from beginner to advanced with a variety of point and beach breaks to enjoy. Surfers will not have to fight for breaks in El Salvador, because many of the popular spots are not crowded. There are also several secluded beaches that surfers flock to particularly from May to September. Wake surfing is popular in the months of October to April in areas that have sheltered lagoons.

One of El Salvador’s attractions that make it one of the spots offering the best surfing in the world is the tropical climate and warm water. Beginners generally do well surfing along the beaches of Costa del Sol; whereas experienced surfers choose to surf the areas accessible by boat such as those along the east coast beaches. Other great surf spots for all levels include El Sunzal, Las Flores, Punta Roca, Zunsal, Bocana, Conchalio, Cocal, Punta Mango, Flor, La Ventana and K59, to name a few. El Salvador is also famous for its right point breaks and awesome waves that break up to 6.5 feet, though certain areas offer gentler breaks that are perfect for beginners just learning to surf.

Surfers planning to enjoy the best surfing in the world should come prepared with board shorts, dry wet bags, boards and other necessary surfing equipment to jump right into form and enjoy the fabulous breaks of El Salvador. Surfers looking for adventure, natural beauty and the versatility of El Salvador will find the country a great choice.

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