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Blog Tip: Advanced Web Ranking

Jun 21

awrOccasionally I will get email from other surf related bloggers who ask me about topics ranging from how to set up a blog to how to market the articles. Anyone who attempts to do this will soon learn that blogging is not as simple as just being able to write gibberish that will appeal to whoever you are targeting.

What I feel is the most important part of blogging is the article marketing. Just like there are companies who hire full time search engine optimization specialists so people can find their website, the same holds true for articles or blog postings. If nobody ever reads your post or article, or cannot find it using the most basic keywords of the subject matter, your posting is only of value to you. In order to really create value with your writing, you must be able to put keyword terms in your article that is consistent with the subject and the title of the post. While this might be obvious to most, the keywords you add to the article must be natural and not appear to be “stuffed” into the body, as there are penalty’s for this with the search engines.

Then the next question from my readers is “What keywords do you use so people can find your article?” That is where you need to rely on the professional for help. I found one company called Caphyon who makes a website ranking software called Advanced Web Ranking, which is an assortment of powerful tools that allows the average blogger to leverage the power of search engines rankings Advanced Web Ranking integrates Wordtracker into the software, which allows you to find the right keywords for based on the search behavior of your audience. Caphyon’s website says it best “Choosing the proper keywords is one of the most important aspects of the SEO process. It is very important to choose terms that people search against as opposed to terms that you might think are relevant for your business.”

There are many great features of this software, which transcends SEO geeks. Granted it might take some time to learn how to fully benefit from the powerful tools AWR has but some of the most basic features are easy to use and make you look like a rock star. Many WordPress users who have the XML Google sitemap generator plugin installed will be able to use the same Yahoo API that you got for that plugin. Advanced Web Ranking asks you for the Yahoo API, which then allows the software to fully harness the power of Yahoo’s database without overloading the search engines server. Just copy the same API that Yahoo gave you and add it to the settings in AWR. The same goes for Google, just apply for one and add it to the software. The beauty about AWR is that you can politely use the free services that Google, Yahoo provides without taking advantage of them. AWR gives you the ability to set the level of queries you will send from your own computer to their servers so you can get the information you need but without risking the search engines shutting you off.

Many might ask, “There are online services that offer this type of stuff for free, why should I pay for it?” That is the same question I asked many times myself and indeed there are services that offer reports that Advanced Web Ranking produces. The difference is that the services are not free. Sure, they will give you the first 10 results free but if you really want, your blog and the articles to make it into the mainstream you will need to dig into the results much further than that. Now I am not saying you need to become of data cruncher or some black hat SEO person but if you are serious about your blog and what you have to say, you will naturally want to learn about how to do this. Caphyon has already invented the proverbial wheel so we do not need to reinvent it.

Advanced Web Ranking issues 3 types of licenses Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Of course, the cost goes up for each type but so do the features. What I would suggest is to begin with the Advanced Web Ranking Standard License, which will give you everything you need to set your blog on fire. No longer will you sit and look at your WordPress post screen and wonder what keywords should I use? Which keywords should I backlink? Which keywords do longboard surfers use? Where are my posts ranking next to Surfline? Etc. AWR does it all for you, all you need to do is enter the keywords and it will track your keywords, track your rankings, and produce reports that make sense. Many bloggers actually graduate and begin blogging for pay and other sites will pay you to write for them. When that time comes, you can upgrade to the professional license, which will give you the edge you need to make your articles worth the salt you are asking for. On the other hand, if you wear more than one hat and actually know a little about SEO, you can use the upgrade to outsource your services for article creation and article marketing. AWR produces reports you can send clients that make you look like a “rock star!”

After reviewing the Firpow and BruteForceSEO services, I can say this software which can be marketed to your clients as a service is the real deal. Check out their comparison page here

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