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Carlos Munoz blazes in Billabong’s World Surfing Games

Jun 23

munozDespite the heavy pressure from surfing powerhouses like Venezuela, the little, almost unknown 16 year old surfer from Esterillos Carlos Muñoz moved his way into a possible title position at the Billabong World Surfing Games in Playa Hermosa Costa Rica yesterday.

The weather conditions have ranged from scalding sunshine to raining like cats and dogs, along with surfing heats taking place in both high and low tides, Muñoz received two interference calls in two consecutive heats and still win. This is something that is almost impossible to get interference and then go on to win the heat is incredible.

Carlos Munoz has managed to attract huge crowds rallying their fellow countrymen and emboldened his teammates as he tore through heat after heat while eliminating world class surfing pros. Only a few team countries have two members in the next round today. Costa Rica has two surfers in this round today and big hopes are on Munoz to keep the Costa Ricans in title position.

Out of the 128 surfers in the mens Open division 24 remain for the next round. Most countries have been eliminated from this round. Out of 64 woman surfers 12 remain in competition and Costa Rica is one of teams that has a team member going into the next womans round.

Three top Costa Rican surfers have been eliminated. These are Luis Vindas, Natalie Bernold and Lisbeth Vindas. Nataly Bernold recently won the woman national title in surfing in May.

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2 Responses

  1. 1

    Nice to know just a 16 year old kid making waves in waves! Good luck Munoz..
    Happy Surfing!

  2. 2

    hey!!! gwd luck munoz! hope u enjoy surfing as much as i do! haha
    nevr surfed b4! lol

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