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Costa Rica High Season is a HIT!

Jun 13

With the USA and western Europe economy suffering the worst economic depression ever recorded, the Costa Rican tourism officials had their fingers crossed entering the start of High Season.  The ICT which is the official agency that promotes tourism here in Costa Rica made a public relations event out of the 2,000,000th customer visting here.

Many hotels and industry have been hurting in Jaco as a result of the lower tourist numbers but most agree that their real money comes in during the high season. So everyone in Jaco was crossing their fingers and hoping it would be equal to last year at least. But if you are a regular here in Jaco you know the tourists are here in droves. Even the nationals are visiting Jaco in large numbers since the national schools are on vacation.

Chuck from WOW Surf told me last week that he is very busy and is not complaining. Taco Bar, a local favorite, serves fresh fish tacos has been jammed the past few days as tourists feast on the salad buffet and fresh fish. Even the shops that sell anything from a fish comb to ceramic wind chimes have been selling their wares to eager tourists.

I wish I could say the municipality was ready for this but they were not. Luckily for Jaco, tourists do not factor this when deciding whether or not to visit us. But the muni could have waited to dig up the “Pop’s” calle until after the high season instead of leaving it as a dirt road filling the main street with plenty of dust that tourists have to cover their mouths and shield their eyes when near. Jaco’s, Chinese funded, park is still not complete while tourists try and shoot photos of the large Iguanas that used to inhabit the refuge.

Check back next week for our new photo gallery and virtual tours of Costa Rica’s most famous tourist attractions.

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3 Responses

  1. 1

    I thought the same thing about the Pop’s road being torn up for high season but then I remembered, they did the same thing in Naples during high season (reconstructing the roads). Maybe it’s to let people know that “Progress” is being made.
    Love your website. Teri

  2. 2

    Greetings Teri,

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on the post and thank you for your vote of confidence on the site! Regarding the Pop’s road, I like your positive view. Perhaps, having the road lined with cement sewer pipes would offer a more descriptive show of “progress.” Cheers and thanks again :-)

  1. 3
    Jaco Arts Festival is Back (via Pingback)

    [...] tico summer which is now. Plus, this years event is being held at the all new and unfinished “Recreational and Ecological Park” on Pastor Díaz donated by the Chinese government after Costa Rica abandonded long time [...]

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