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Costa Rica is jolted by another 6.1 Earthquake

Jun 25

Initial readings say the epicenter was located in the San Carlos region, 22 miles NW of San Jose, Costa Rica. The actual coordinates for the epicenter are 10.220°N, 84.280°W, if you have a GPS or Google map service you can use these to view the location.pacific_map-tsunami-costa-rica

Here on the beach some people like me stay tuned to the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and while I physically felt the earthquake with the usual feeling of standing on a rope span bridge, I am glad to say that NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center was immediately updated and notified me in seconds. I love how technology and real life can be meshed to create a safer world.

When the earth started moving, I ran outside to check the many towers that now line the Jaco shoreline and skyline. Not that I am a disaster seeking person but I cannot help marvel how these huge structures withstand such fast back and forth movement without tumbling down.


If you are lucky enough to be visiting here and do not live in an earthquake zone back home, you will be able to experience what it feels like to shake, rattle, and roll on the pavement.

You can visit these links to view information about the latest Costa Rican earthquake.

USGS gives you very fast results

IRIS is a visual map but is delayed in reporting.


Editor’s Note: The magnitude has been updated to  show 6.1 rather than initial reports of 6.2 The posts title has been updated to reflect this but the URL is too complicated to change in WordPress without causing 404 errors in the search engines.

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