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Earthquake Hits Pacific Coast in Costa Rica

Jun 26

UPDATE: New reports indicate that the magnitude was 5.7 but USGS said it was 5.9

Around 11:25 Central America time, a long and powerful earthquake rocked the surfing beach town of Jaco, Costa Rica. This quake was a very powerful lateral slide that moved near 6 inches back and forth. When the earthquake hits, I ran outside to see all of the electrical poles swaying back and forth along with people running out of their homes.

Costa Rica was hit by a powerful quake on Jan. 8th which was a 6.1, this one felt much more powerful than that and was of much longer duration. This quake was definitely in the making because for the past week there was small lateral movements each day. Currently the news is stating this is the same magnitude that hits us in January.

Check back for more details, you can see the location of the quake epicenter below.
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