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Have you been to Tamarindo – Costa Rica – surfing?

Jun 29

Going there in Spring and would like info on what tours are good and the take on the surfing. Any good advice would be appreciated.

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    Jay Dub 

    I was in Tamarindo in 2002. I was under the impression that it was well known for it’s surfing as well . . . but after going there I was completely underwhelmed. I think it’s famous for it’s surf because it’s good for beginning surfers. I would recommend going further down the Pacific coast to Jaco if you’re experienced and looking for good waves.

  2. 2

    Actually the water in Tamarindo is a big problem.The government has tested it and extremely high bacteria levels are present.I was there a month ago and I wont go in the water.The bars are great though.
    If you do go make sure you dont swallow any water and make sure you dont have any open cuts.
    I am 100% serious.
    by the way,it is the ocean water that is polluted , not the tap water as far as i know.

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