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Insane costs of traveling with your surf board

Jun 05

Long before the hike in fuel prices and airlines charged alot money to travel with your surf boards. Arriving safely, then you had to get them to the beach intact whether you rented a car or caught the bus. Then you add the factor of lugging them around from baggage to rental car or bus, etc along with your clothes and crap. It is a big time hassle and for me has put a dent in the journey many times.

Living in Jaco, Costa Rica I no longer really need to worry about this adventure but HOLY COW for the people are visiting today the “extra fuel surcharges” for surf boards is INSANE!! I have been waiting to videotape Chuck Herwig who owns Chuck’s W.O.W. Surf here in Jaco to begin discussing travel tips for surfers.

Chuck has long been an advocate of leaving your board at home and renting one in your destination. He reasons, the extra fees, lugging them around, potential damage is simply not worth it. He has saved many surfers money simply by making this suggestion for their return trips to Jaco and other areas in Costa Rica. At his location, he says he has all the big name boards and styles for everyone from beginners to intermediate advanced surfers. For me and visiting surfers this makes perfect sense and has for years. But today, it simply makes good dollar sense with these crazy fuel surcharges. Traveling back and forth you can easily spend $400, with that kind of money you can rent a different board everyday and not even worry about the damage says Chuck. While this blogger/surfer cannot speak for other countries I know at least in Jaco Costa Rica if that is your destination you do not need to bring your board. Imagine the new stand up paddle surfing boards? The SUP boards by their nature are ENORMOUS, which I am sure makes Chuck very happy. His surf shop was the first in Jaco to begin teaching stand up paddle surfing and renting stand up paddle boards.

If you are traveling to other areas in Costa Rica, you might want to give Chuck a call or email him. Ask him about other surf outfitters in Costa Rica who he can recommend for renting surf boards if Jaco is not you destination. You can reach him at his website, or email chuck(at) He is a personable guy and has surfing in his blood and everyone here in Jaco knows when they have a surf question they go see Chuck.

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