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Jun 18

I must have done something really nice to Continental Airlines, as practically every time I fly I’m getting these mysto upgrades to 1st class. I’m a cheapskate by nature, literally buying Imperials over mixed drinks when I go out in town and haggling over a couple bucks when buying trinkets for my kids from the local vendors in town. I’d haggle if it was or 0 or 00, I guess thats how one gets ahead in business, or at least one way to do it. I found a 0 ticket to California and somehow I’m sitting in seat 1B somewhere over Belize or Mexico and I’m thinking about how I’ve just embarked on another surf adventure and how I’m truly stoked. My staff think its funny that I plan trips but wait until the last minute to actually buy my ticket and go. To me it makes no sense to leave Tamarindo when the waves are going off and while California is windy and lacking swell. Last Thursday the surf started to drop in Tamarindo and the swell models started forecasting the waves to arrive to Cali from the big storms that have been formed in the north pac for the last week or so. Me, with my commitment issues, finally bought a ticket on Friday and here I am, on my way to surf big waves in cold water, the endless winter. The decent sized NW swell should be coming in tonight. My buddy John Alexander will be picking me up in LA in Uncle Rico’s van and we’re hitting the road for a week of California surf. I had a thousand Witch’s Rock Surf Camp stickers sent to my parent’s house, my dad sent them, a couple of boards, my 4/3 suit w/ booties and hood, a cell phone and some other random necessities with Justin McCabe back to LA, I’ll be seeing him in Venice Beach this afternoon and then heading north after perhaps a PM surf if theres waves or just chilling out with old friends for a couple of hours. I’m not quite sure where we’re going first, I need to check the surf report once I get to LA, but it looks like we’ll go north to Big Sur or perhaps even Santa Cruz and then follow the swell as it travels south back to San Diego. I’m getting amped and making sure to listen to plenty of punk music to get me in the mood for surfing in FREEZING NorCal water

the Hives : Here_We_Go_Again
I’m pretty tired from the last couple of months and I could use a few days to get lost sleeping in a van down by the river, surfing and hanging out with good friends. The stickers will find their way onto beach parking lot signs, all of my friends’ cars, 7-11s and public bathroom mirrors. Somehow I know I’ll #1 run into some random friends #2 promote the surf camp as the best thing since sliced bread and #3 have an opportunity to refocus and make a plan for the future. I find it very helpful, quite therapeutic, to disappear from time to time and reflect on whats happening in life. Life is complicated, complicated in a very good way. I’m very lucky to have the ability to get up and go, but then I remember that everyone has the ability to do such things. Surfing doesn’t cost very much, sleeping in your van is pretty much free. Gas is a lot cheaper than it used to be and its fun to camp and cook instead of spending cash on motel rooms or Cracker Barrel. Just surfing. Surfing at Pleasure Point and Moss Landing, surfing in Big Sur, Rincon and Ventura, surfing in San Clemente, Trestles, Oceanside and ending up at Blacks in SD. My accountant says I can write all of this off by the way, how sweet is that? I don’t think I brought enough warm clothes though…

For anyone reading this blog living on the California coast and surfing the swell this week, ping me and tell me if your local break is going off. We’ll probably be close by anyways and if so we’ll come check it out, surf it up with you, tag the place with stickers, hot box the van, then tag your car with stickers and give you some more to do with as you wish. Help keep the dream alive through roots guerrilla marketing and plenty of good vibes.

The surf in the Tamarindo area has been pretty excellent up until the last couple of days. The contest we hosted was held in the Tamarindo Rivermouth with solid chest high to overhead conditions, offshore winds, and big barrels. It was pretty SICK. i was going to do this whole write-up about the event and highlight some of the 400 photos that we took, especially the ones of Luis getting the multi-second tube rides that won him the contest. But then again the surf was so good I was out there most of the time when I wasn’t working. The sand bars are set up really nice right now out in front of WRSC and getting tubed has been like playing Transworld Surf on the PS2. Here are only a couple of pics that we posted on the surf report, giving you a slight idea of how good the waves were during the event. The rivermouth was reeling for about 10 days.

I’ll make sure to get more pics online as part of the next WRSC newsletter, which I swear is going to get sent out soon, maybe even while I’m in CA. Its been a couple of weeks since I blogged, a lot has happened. Its always a blur, and I’m always meaning to write things down more but that never seems to happen. I had some friends from college Chad Butler and the Foreman brothers hang out in town. They started the band Switchfoot back in college and have made it pretty big-time, touring the world and playing big shows. They flew in from a concert in Guatamala City. Ricardo took them out to Witch’s and Ollie’s where they scored some great waves, but you couldn’t get me away from Tamarindo with how good it had been locally so I didn’t surf with them. We hung out at the camp one night, then the next day I was taking Holly and the boys up the Tamarindo estuary on the boat w/ Chilo to check out some wildlife during a sunset and John Foreman and his wife Emily were chilling out in the restaurant, so they decided to cruise along too. We chilled and checked out birds with my boys.

John and I were talking about college. He dropped out of UCSD after 3 years to tour full time, up until then we had been focusing on the same ICAM music major, which is pretty much summed up as a digital music degree. I on the other hand finished UCSD but haven’t used my music degree or film degree at all except when I mention that I went to college, thats about it. All of the surfing I did kept me going down the path into the surfing industry, and don’t get me wrong I’m really happy about it. I guess its pretty common to not do anything related to your college degree, or to not really even need a college degree to do what you were going to end up doing anyways. Its pretty cool that we could chill on the boat and talk about how we’d both kind of made it in our own ways. I am appreciative of my situation, as I view the world economy as being pretty bad and still I’m able to support my family through surfing. It is hard to describe the feeling of doing what you really love as your career, I hope everyone can experience it in their life.
Holly and her business partner Andrea officially launched their new organic market Pura Vida Health last weekend. Holly has been talking about doing this for years, and finally now she has the free time to actually do it. It seems like she has been pregnant for the last three years straight but I know that can’t be, it just seems that way. Lately she has spent quite a few days on the phone with local farmers, then traveling around Guanacaste picking up everything from fresh Talapia to organic yogurt to goat milk to goat cheese. Maybe that yogurt was goat yogurt. That makes me realize I have a lot of goat products in my fridge these days, hmmm thats actually a little weird now that I think about it. There is an organic market that has been going on every weekend in Nosara for the last two years, and now Holly and Andrea hooked up with them and they’re going to start in Tamarindo in two weeks. Pura Vida Health will be hosting the event every Saturday on the side lot next to the surf camp hotel in our gardens, with the idea to fix the drain along the street soon to create more parking as the event grows over time. Tons of produce, fruits and vegetables, all grown locally and without toxic pesticides. For those that don’t know, we started a company about 3 years ago called Zephyr Eco and will soon start construction of a fully sustainable Eco Lodge built off grid and from sustainable materials. Part of the project is an organic farm and nursery that will eventually supply the on-site restaurant with all of it’s produce. The plan would be to also provide WRSC with much of it’s needed produce from the same farm, integrating better products into our menu. I’m hoping to learn a lot about farming in the near future. The rainy season is about to start so it seems like a pretty good time to get started planting seeds.
OK California, get ready because here I come. I can see Los Angeles from the airplane window and the stewardess keeps telling me that I need to turn off all of my portable eletrical devices. I’m wondering why I don’t take last minute trips like this more often. Oh wait I do, because I have commitment issues. Wait, is that what I meant to say?

Thanks to Joe Walsh for this post

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