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Nicaraguans go home for the Holidays

Jun 10

 transnicaThis Christmas it has been estimated that as many as 70,000 Nicaraguans who live and work in Costa Rica will be heading home for the holidays. This figure was estimated after taking into account the number of Nicaraguans who have applied for travel documents to enable them to cross the border at Peñas Blanca.

Harold Rivas, the Nicaraguan ambassador explains, “We are attending some 1,200 persons daily for visas and passports” which is an enormous number. Nicaraguans looking to travel home are able to visit several consulates based around the country in San Jose, Liberia, Ciudad Quesada and Los Chiles. Among the thousands of Nicaraguans traveling home, there will also be a number of Costa Ricans who have Nicaraguan family members and partners.

It has been speculated that there will be far more Nicaraguans entering the country in January than those who left before Christmas. This theory has been rejected by Harold Rivas claiming that Nicaraguans don’t try to enter Costa Rica for a better economic situation.

This theory however is very close to the truth. Costa Rican immigration officials have noted that in recent years the number of Nicaraguans crossing through the border to Costa Rica is greater than the number going in the opposite direction. This is often the case as many Nicaraguans search for more employment opportunities coming to Costa Rica with family members and friends who live and work in Costa Rica. Women often find work in domestic type jobs where as men typically find work in construction.

If you are looking to travel to Nicaragua over Christmas it is advisable to book your bus ticket soon as many bus companies have already sold out of their direct bus route tickets.

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