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Russian Warships anchor outside Nicaragua

Jun 09

Three Russian warships have anchored on the Caribbean side of Nicaragua days after having passed through the Panama Canal. The Russian warships arrived on Friday on a humanitarian mission in the region for 4 days in order to help heal the destructions of the recent storms. However it appears that this anchoring in Nicaraguan water was not authorized by the Nicaraguan Congress and that the opposition party of Ortega considers it a violation of their National Sovereignty. Reports indicate that Ortega himself gave permission for the ships to anchor on Nicaraguan waters, something that only the country’s Congress can allow. The Russian ships stated that they were there at the request and authorization of President Ortega.

The ship which is a nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Chabanenko” is anchored of the Coast of Nicaragua in the main Caribbean Port of “El Bluff”, approximately 400km east of Managua the Nicaraguan Capital.

The Russian Ambassador to Nicaragua stated “We do not want to violate the laws of Nicaragua and the ships are only here on a mission of humanity and friendship”.

The “Admiral Chabanenko” was part of the Russian fleet that was in Venezuela in November for the War games between Russia and Venezuela. Recently there has been increased communication between the countries of Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Iran and Russia which of course will place some sweat under the collar of the US.

President Daniel Ortega was hoping to arrive yesterday afternoon into the main Caribbean port to officially welcome and meet with the Russians. The Russian Military were received by the embassy in Managua and met with Nicaraguan Naval Leaders.

Currently Nicaragua has 3 warships, 650 Russian Marines and many high ranking Military Officials sitting 13 miles off its Coast.

The Russian Ships have provided Nicaragua with Computers, Electric Generators, Medicines and other donations. Moscow has expressed interest in constructing a Inter-Ocean Canal through Nicaragua and helping build the Nicaraguan Naval Force.

Ortega informed the country that on December 9th he had sent a decree authorizing the anchoring of the Russian Navy Fleet in the Official national Newspaper, however that Congress was no in session in order to approve the decree.

Photo Courtesy of Maritime Quest

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