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Surf Contest Website in Hot Water

Jun 20

isa-billabong-world-surfing-games-2009Recently, we took notice of a website which is relatively new. I don’t imagine the site has much of a future since it is dedicated to the upcoming ISA Billabong World Surfing Games here in Costa Rica this August. The site has been under a coordinated attack by the Costa Rica surfing federation which is the organizer of the WSG 2009 and the ISA, which is the association that gives credence to the awards the games issue, along with the surfer rankings.

This site has been interested for some time in posting information about the surfing games but like the site has not been able to find any new information about the games. Apparently, they are being asked to remove logos which does not seem like a big deal but according to the website the logos they are being accused of using are not anywhere on the site. We notice that no mention of the sites intention to provide information about the surfing event is recognized or appreciated.

This site is dedicated to providing surfing information for surfers in Costa Rica and those who are traveling here for a surf vacation. It would be nice to receive the kind of attention is getting from these organizations. One must suspect two reasons for the attack: They are jealous of the sites ability to deliver information or They are worried about loss of revenue they are attempting to make on news delivery. Notice we said news delivery which in our opinion is what that site and this site does. If this site can monetize or earn money from delivery of news that is a nice thing. But it seems that these surf event organizers want to monopolize the delivery of information and news which is absurd. Mind you the ISA is also the same organization that sought to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee. We cannot imagine the ambitions they have with this recognition??

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4 Responses

  1. 1

    Great blog. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. 2

    Great Read! Will be back in the future to check out more of your posts. There is no other place in the world like Costa Rica for surfing. Close to the states, ease of getting around, basics near most surf spots, and cheap digs if you want them.

    You got a great site, keep it up we need this for Costa Rica

    John LeFleur

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    Fisherman Joe 

    Great stuff. Nice to read some well written posts. A long way between them.

  4. 4

    yea nice Work :D

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