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Surf Blogging by Joe Walsh

Jun 15

I’m back in Tamarindo, today was a long day. Actually it has been a long week. In the last seven days I hosted the CNS Red Bull surf contest at the surf camp, led a surf tour to Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa de Jaco, and then San Jose. I flew to Orlando to the surf expo, back again to Costa Rica three days later. As soon as I landed back at the surf camp I had back to back meetings. At least they were with cool people. I’m tired though.

Check out the swell model I just pulled from wetsand right now:

I heard a rumor that there were some sets coming in at sunset. I’m pretty sure from what I saw downstairs that everyone is going out partying, hence no dawn patrol. Not me… I’m going surfing early tomorrow morning, I’ve already got my board ready… super excited like when I was a kid.. probably because I haven’t surfed in a few days.

I’ve found myself listening to some Fugazi, Calexico, and of course the Hives lately.

Finally the new Zephyr Eco website is online. Still some bugs in the coding but you get the idea,
I also have a bunch of Zephyr logos from Jane Bocker that I want to implement, please give me some feedback what you think of them. And of course let me know if you need Jane’s contact info, she is a great artist :-)

I have about a million emails that I haven’t gotten to yet. I was considering claiming email bankruptcy, but instead literally I’m home now and I plan to be on my computer for the next week. Please resend me the email you sent me before because there were just days and days where I didn’t have internet and now its just a joke. whoops.

Had a beer with Carton tonight, what a good guy. I hung with him and Josymar Fuentes at the surf camp. We spoke about finally taking the liquor bodega and making the shaping room I keep talking about but not doing. I need the guidance. I’m putting some Carton shortboards in the rental cage in the coming weeks.

At the Surf Expo I hung out with tons of folks, it was pretty cool.

I saw the boys throwing the Christian Surfers contest next month, and no word on whether or not their group is going to be able to help fund the Tom Curren concert. I’m like “uhh… its Tom Curren, do we have a choice?”. The dude was world champ. He is a legend. I guess I’m going to have to email his agent and tell him its a no go as its a little over 4 weeks away. So far in 2009 we’ll have 2 contests and 0 concerts. This is where I need your help, Tommy.

The new Picaresque trailer just came out two days ago:

These guys will be here on Feb 2, staying in our house in Avellanas and shooting the last part of this movie. If you’re down here then and you see some surfers killing it and some guys with cameras, uh thats what it is.

What did I see at the expo? Bill Stewart’s five finned beast that is ugly but appears to be magic. Some pretty good bands. Pierce Meyer from Pierce surfboards in the shaping contest. Some headbands and some mustaches. Alaia boards by Jon Wegener (his brother Tom’s film Siestas y Olas was one of the reasons I moved to CR in the first place, you should buy it). Lots & lots  of chicks in bikinis.














I got pretty shacked on this Orlando wave, it was sick.

OK thats it for now, off to sleep. Its nice to be back at home, though my seem to have left the rest of my family in the last country I was in.

Thanks to Joe Walsh and WRSC, THEY ROCK!!

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