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Surfing the “Green” Wave

Jun 14

green-surfing-magazineThese days it is becoming chic and hip to be considered green in the surfing world. Today, many surfers, shapers, surf brands, and offical surf organizations either directly or indirectly support many green initiatives.

Living and surfing in Costa Rica, the original mecca of sustainability and green initiatives one cannot help but be conscious of the effects of irresponsible use of our natural resources. There are hundreds of organizations located in Costa Rica with a mission of ecological conservation.

Today, you can find upwards to 50 sites dedicated to “eco-surfboards” or surfer based environmental activisim groups. What makes this movement different from others is that it is truly global activism at its While surfings history is localized in the different countries, today surfers have the disposable income to travel the world seeking the ultimate waves. As a result, local surfers have teamed up with international surfers to fight for whatever issue they have. From “Save the Waves Coalition” to the “Surfrider Foundation” all have a common interest and that is surfing. If you know a surfer, one thing you can bet on is that they live and breathe for the waves. When you combine this committement to the sport and the issue at hand, you will have a formidible activist organization.


Surfers & Environmentalists protest construction of toll road in San Onofre, California

Like this site, there are many surfing sites on the web which surfers use to learn about every nook and cranny surf spot there is to be found. As aresult, the network of online “surfers” has created a global network of people who love the ocean and have cause to protect it. 

Surf in Jaco, is committed to the greening of the world and you can find information about eco-issues locally and internationally if it warrents attention. To clarify this statement, only the issues that we can locally affect will be dealt with on this site and we will begin to have a link category for issues not localized. This will allow us to focus where we can make a difference and the link category will help by illuminating other surfers where issues they might affect can be joined.


Jeffreys Bay or JBay beach and dune preservation initiative supported by Kelly Slater

What I like most about surfer environmental activism is that surfers have been doing this for the last 40 years when it was not hip to be “green.” Let’s hope that the surfers green movement stays in the local arena and out of the international one where big business and public relations firms turn these issues into political campaign slogans. Just to name a few local surfer initiatives in Jaco, Costa Rica should give you an idea of how localized activism works:

  • guarding the beaches where turtles lay their eggs
  • clean beach initiatives
  • clean river initiatives, preventing “agua negras” from poisoning beach water
  • lending helping hands to under-privilaged children 

Each time a surfer visits Costa Rica, they are supporting these issue and many others indirectly or directly because many of the surf instructors, hotels, professional surfers are active in these localized issues. So if you come to surf the waves of Costa Rica and Jaco try to leave your footprint in a positve way by supporting locals so they can continue their work.

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