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WRSC and 91.1 La Radio to produce Tamarindo beach concert in January

Jun 24

Although dates and artists are not yet confirmed, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp has teamed up with Costa Rica’s largest radio station to produce what should be Tamarindo’s biggest beach concert ever. We are trying to organize this concert in conjunction with the Tamarindo CNS surf contest event and we will be hosting this event from the surf camp property.

Music acts potentially include reggae artists SOJA ( from Washington DC and Pinback ( from San Diego.

If your company is looking to get more involved in the Costa Rican surf/music scene and would like to sponsor this event, contact WRSC at 1-888-318-SURF.

Rock Ice, our first concert sponsor, has already committed ,000 towards the concert. This event will be free to the public. With 3 months of in-country radio promotions we are expecting this to be big (and really fun!).

Thanks to Joe Walsh and Witches Rock Surf Camp!!

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