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Surf Tips for surf vacations in Costa Rica

Jul 04

Greetings everyone,

Starting next week, we will begin to post information in the form of Surf Tips when planning travel or planning a surf vacation for Costa Rica or for that matter anywhere in the world. Local and long time surf outfitter Chuck Herwig will begin sharing his experience with us weekly.

Chuck has a surf shop in Jaco, Costa Rica where surfers can get information ranging from places to stay in Costa Rica, best places to surf in Costa Rica, best surf instructors for beginners, and much more. Chuck has a website but do not let the low tech or simple site dissuade you from his knowledge.

People here in Jaco know when they need to find out information about anything related to surfing they go see Chuck. So check back or subscribe to the RSS Feed to begin learning from Chucks experience!

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  1. [...] I am not looking forward to is getting hit by one of these mammoth boards, so I hope Chuck from WOW Surf Shop in Jaco will instruct his SUP renters well. That was not a plug but an earnest wish plus he has the only [...]

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