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US Army in Costa Rica

Jul 05

There have been strong reactions these last few weeks after it was announced that The Congress was deciding upon the arrival of 46 US in Costa Rica.

The authorization was given to 46 ships to  stay along the Costa Rican coast was given yesterday and they will keep on arriving until the 31st of December of this year, in an effort to fight the drug trafficking and to work in human aid. The ships fleet could contain as many as 200 helicopters and planes and as many as 7000 marines and we will have to get used to see them wandering around the country wearing their uniforms. They will be free to go as they please, entering and leaving the country as easily as if they were Costa Ricans, and this is sure to raise many eyebrows.

The ships will be sure to change the look of horizon, measuring up to 135metres and the capacity to transport two Black Hawk helicopters and 200 marines and 15 officials each. While sipping a Tequila Sunrise it will now be possible to watch helicopters chase the pelicans and Marines play with the Dolphins.

Other smaller ships like the USS Makin Island will also roam the waters of this usually peaceful country, with a garrison of marines and more helicopters. A Hospital ship is apparently also on the menu, to wonder if they expect a war! Indeed, the USS Freedom, built to fight submarine, is also on the list!

And as if this was not enough, they also had conditions: The US Marine and Staff will be authorized total freedom and rights on Costa Rican soil.

The PAC (The Civil Action), the PUSC (Social and Christian Unity) and the FA (Ample Front) were against the arrival of the ships, pointing out quite rightly that all this is way out of proportion and that these ships are way too big and powerful to fight the drug dealers. The Deputy of PUSC indeed reminded us that this country enjoys a peaceful reputation and indeed lives happily without an army to fight its crimes.

Now that the US army is here to run the show, the no-army status of this country is spoiled. Indeed, it is even worse than having its own army. It has to use the most controversial army of the planet…

Costa Rica is less pacific everyday. It is not the little Switzerland of Central America anymore. It is now run by greed and money; it is loosing its values and identity. It is taking on airs of grandeur because it is siding with its big powerful neighbor. Doesn’t it know it is only a little toy, a little beach toy to for the big boys so that they can show how strong and powerful they are.  It is building big hotels and airports in the jungle, it is cutting trees, and now, it welcomes the US army in its precious waters. How this will affect the marine life is yet to be seen, but for sure, it will have some negative outcome, in more ways than one. Shame on you Costa Rica. You are not, it would seem, going in the right direction. You must preserve peace, nature and beauty, not bring in war ships in your waters.

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7 Responses

  1. 1
    Guillaume vonWeiland 

    How very sad !!! The last hope for peace , tranquility, and neutrality is disappearing . Costa Rica has been a bright light for the future of mankind and the earth. How very sad !!!

  2. 2

    Not sad at all, you have just been brainwashed into thinking that Costa Rica was a model. The CIA and Costa Rica made the deal in 1949 which is summed up as: “We, Costa Rica will abolish our army in lieu of the promise of military intervention should we come under attack from another nation.”

    The pacifism that Costa Rica espouses is a farce and is predicated on the bully next door coming to save their ass. Trust me, when the bully next door moves or no longer cares to protect CR. There will be a serious change in attitude and in defense, especially with the Sandinista’s north of her.

  3. 3
    John Kohne 

    I believe that you are wrong in thinking that the US will be able to force its rule on Costa Rica. The United Nations will not let this happen provided. Additional Costa Rica needs help with the drug problem which is getting out of control, and they do not have the resources to cope with it.

  4. 4

    Costa Rica will not eliminate or deal with its drug problem because if they do, then the drug war money goes bye-bye and those funds which were once meant to assist, are not depended upon to fund various police functions.

  5. 5

    To Guillaume vonWeiland
    CR needs every help it can get with the drugs entering CR. Do you want CR to be another
    Mexico with drug Cartel wars. How about the Sandinista’s (Ortega) to the north. If you see a US Soldier at a bar you should buy him a drink, Say thanks for helping defend the beautiful
    CR shores..

    Costa Rica is very week. This country cannot deal the the drug problems or Sandinista alone
    and that is a fact.

    God Bless the Americas… North, Central and South America

  6. 6
    Tyler D 

    Dennis – you are sadly and massively disillusioned to think it is a positive for Costa Rica to become yet another garrison of the United States Military…the Drug War has been creating by the US Government for this exact reason – exert more power and influence in Latin America.

    Please read and learn more about this and don’t get stuck in naive ideology.

  7. 7

    Dennis… I don’t usually like to say bad things about other’s opinions (after all, we are all allowed one). But also one’s opinion is entirely based upon one’s perception. And your perception is F@!K*D!!! God needs to spend less time blessing the “Americas” (hey genious… the united states is one of many countries in the americas) and helping you see reality! Tyler is absolutely correct. US foreign policy has been one of the main causes of disrupts, violence and corruption in global politics.

    The view of which the US goverment and their military are present for any reasons other than for their own gain you are quite nieve… something about warships and warbirds doesn’t exactly leave me with the ‘pura vida’ feeling. What’s with these foriegners with automatic weapons being welcomed to walk out streets? Who’s protecting us from them?

    Some interesting points about Costa Rica’s need for an increase in security though. These days its not so much other goverments that we need to be concerned about as much as warlords, pirates and ESPECIALLY the drug cartels down in central/south america. These “guys” have NO respect for the general public or what-ever country they are in. The world has changed a lot since Costa Rica has abolished its military in 1949… maybe this is a great time to have another look at Costa Rica’s security and safety? Costa Rica has been growing in so many amazing ways… I have faith.

    PS: And if anything… Hitler, Al Queda (amongst many other global evils) all publicly vocalized how scared they were of the Canadians. And they’ve been a very peaceful & laid back country. Maybe we should start working with them more instead of the US. But that opens up a whole new disscussion.

    ~Pura Vida!

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