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Minister drops Jaco mayor’s wave during high tide

Aug 12

Talk about dropping other surfers waves: the Costa Rica dropped on Mayor Marvin’s longest left in his life. He has been helping Jaco grow since 2006 and anyone who has visited here knows infrastructure keeps getting better and better. How can the Costa Rican government justify its actions when there are violent criminals on the streets in Jaco, Herradura and in their own backyard San Jose?

Read this campfire stomper from the Ministry of Transparency  and copied from the Jaco blog:

The Deputy Prosecutor of Probity, Transparency and Corruption, in conjunction with the Judicial Investigation Organization  (OIJ), today arrested the mayor, deputy mayor, the head of the Municipal Police, the municipal provider and a private attorney during a raid that took place in offices of the municipality of Garabito in Jaco Costa Rica.

The action of the authorities began August 10, Wednesday morning at 9:10 am as part of an investigation into alleged irregular payments of some work not performed for work that supposedly occurred in 2008.

The mayor of Garabito, surname Elizondo Cordero and member of the National Liberation Party or PLN, was suspended by the Costa Rican Comptroller General when the Garabito mayor was found in a motel room during working hours along with a municipal vehicle servicing his personal rendevous in 2007. Later the following year in 2008, the Comptroller General called for a halt again because the mayor tested positive for driving under the influence of alcohol in a municipal vehicle. The Garabito mayor tested positive breath test at -1.03 mg / liter of alcohol in the blood.

Those involved are being investigated for embezzlement, illicit enrichment, misrepresentation and fraud. The Press Office of the Public Ministry reported that once the raid was completed the suspects would be transferred to San Jose to be investigated.

The above was translated from this article in the Nacion

This blog is saddened by this situation as we are big supporters of the Garabito Mayor and what he has fought, to make Jaco a better place to live. Putting a finger on this mayor, is payback for something or someone as you only need to look in each municipalities back yard to see this is going on all over the country. This is not news to anyone and as the democratic machine’s bulldog, the late Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago showed politics needs greasing to get things done. It is done in business why not government?

La Nacion said this:

The lawsuit, which included a raid at City Hall, lasted eight hours and carried out jointly the Assistant Prosecutor for Probity, Transparency and Corruption and the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).

Juan Carlos Cubillo, Deputy Prosecutor handling the case, said the illegal acts were three contracts by the Municipality of Garabito, Puntarenas, where it was determined that there was an overpayment of course and the other apparently not complied with the terms of the agreement.

He said that these are matters that occurred between 2008 and 2010 and are still being investigated five other municipal agreements.

For Juan Carlos Cubillo biggest concern “is that we are facing a criminal because it is repeated in the same way to act and where the damage was perpetrated through the use of public funds.”

The prisoners were identified as the Mayor Marvin Elizondo Cordero, Deputy Mayor, Tobias Rodriguez Murillo, the provider, Ana Sofia Quesada Schmidt, the chief of the Municipal Police, Juan Gabriel Hidalgo Hernández, Fernando Vargas’s lawyer also Zeledon.

Against five prisoners opened a criminal trial for alleged embezzlement, illicit enrichment, misrepresentation and fraud laws. All were taken yesterday at 5:30 p. m. to the Courts of Goicoechea, San José to be investigated.

One of the accused, Tobias Murillo, required to be carried Garabito Clinic presented problems because of hypertension.

Juan Carlos Cubillo said that one of the cases are related to the hiring of dredging and the use of machinery. He said that in this case there are two reports of the audit of municipal and other OIJ, which confirms that there is an extra payment at work. The contract was for ¢ 24 million.

Meanwhile, another case is related to the hiring of an attorney to provide a course to municipal police, but what they did was give them a certificate be carried out without instruction. The contract was for ¢ 6.5 million, Cubillo said.

Also, another question ¢ 9 million contract he signed with the Municipality private attorney to represent in a contentious trial when the city already had a professional.



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    At least the bad guys are caught, being brought to justice, and the waves in Jaco Costa Rica are still pumping!!!

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