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Add Jaco Segway tours to Stand Up Paddle surfing in Jaco

Nov 18

Jaco Segway ToursFor pura vida purists and locals here in Jaco Costa Rica, seeing someone ride a wave using a stand up paddle board and then a Segway PT gliding along the beach, they must be thinking they are in another world. Originally posted here: It is unlike anything you have ever seen before, Jaco Segway tours using Segway personal transporters gliding along Pastor Diaz in Jaco. Not the usual ATV tours with a caravan of people roaring off to some mountain trails but 1 or 2 Segway gliders moving along silently heading off to ??, well we do not know. According to the new site which is offering Jaco Segway tours,, they are offering tours of Jaco Beach and Los Suenos.

Jaco Segway Tours – Site Information

They state “While in Costa Rica stop by Jaco beach or Los Suenos and learn to ride the Segway.” They state the Jaco Segway tours are designed to be fun for the family. “Ride on Jaco Beach with our new Segway’s in total quiet.” They also offer in addition to Jaco Segway tours, they are offering Los Suenos Segway tour. We think this is a fabulous idea for real estate agents and developers to use to show their various properties using Jaco Segway tours. Imagine, clients feel a more intimate connection to their surrounding rather from the inside a air-conditioned SUV. I like the idea of Jaco Segway tours using their Segway PT’s to show clients around the Monterey Estates sustainable community project. Clients get to breath the fresh air, move around more rapidly to get a feel for their future home. Being on a Segway PT is a pedestrian experience and we all know the feeling of nature walks and that feeling is the same on a Segway PT, except that movement is assisted.

Jaco Segway Tours – Equipment

This is from Dean Kamen the genius inventor who developed the Segway PT when creating a more versatile wheelchair for handicapped people. Some of the biggest challenges for handicapped people using wheelchairs is navigating stairs, there are either ramps or elevators. Dean came up with a wheelchair that could walk up and down stairs. In addtion, ADL’s(these are Activities of Daily Living for those who do not know and it is a measure of a person’s independence based on the range of activities they can perform without help) are reduced for wheelchair bound people e.g. shopping in a grocery store a wheelchair person cannot reach the top shelf by themselves to browse or grab a product. Once again, Dean Kamen’s wheel chair employed gyroscopes to allow the chair to raise itself up while balancing the seated person. Fast forward many years and you have Jaco Segway tours using the child product of those gyroscope wheelchairs to transport tourists around Jaco beach and Los Suenos.

Word is getting around about these Segway Costa Rica tours, just passing in front of a local tour reseller, they have a sign offering Jaco Segway tours but then you can walk 200 meters north and go directly to the Jaco Segway tours office.

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3 Responses

  1. 1
    Jan's Travel and Tours 

    Thanks for the information. Jaco is a nice place, visitors will surely enjoy the beaches and other fun activities of the place.

  2. 2
    Awe Par 

    There is nothing that can beat the surfing in Costa Rica! Thanks for sharing and stay wet! :) Now I want to rent a Segway too…

  3. Was considering some surfing in Tamarindo, and some Stand Up Paddle Boarding, looks like I will also be needing to head to Haco to try a Segway. Seems like a beach would be a good learning spot for a beginner too…Softer landing for when I fall :)

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