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Do you need another reason to live in Jaco?

Apr 23

Here is an article or blurb from the website talking about why expats are moving to Costa Rica in droves. This mass exodus is not limited to Costa Rica, most Central American states including Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama are seeing huge numbers of expats moving abroad to avoid the crushing economy and rampant regulation.  Below is a copy of the article from her site and best of all you get a free ebook!

Costa Rica has long been known as the country for expats to seek refuge from their home countries. Unfortunately, most we hear about or read about are criminals and that does not bode well with Costa Ricans or Expats in general.

Great talk and pontifical orations by Costa Rican government officials about their own bankrupt country creates an even greater lure for hard cash investors, retirees, and corporations seeking to shelter themselves from the US big brother clamp down on extracting every single penny(centavo) from its citizens.

Fact: Did you know that the USA is the only country in the world that taxes its own citizens earning money abroad. So not only are you getting taxed locally but the IRS wants its share too.

This brings us to a new ebook report which we are publishing here for free, so all the world can get a glimpse of the internal dissent among policy makers and BIG business whom dominate Washington DC’s political decisions.

For your own sake, take a moment to read about what is going on in the USA and conclude for yourself what is the best possible course of action you can take to protect your family and your financial wealth.

Get your free copy of this report today and read it. Thanks to Overseas Radio Network who brings us interesting expat topics via their internet based English radio show which is free from censorship and filled with solutions for expats seeking to learn how they can conserve their financial wealth and keep it from the long arms of the IRS and the US government’s bureaucratic red tape.

eBook Description

Read about the current economic conditions and social policies of the US government which are creating the problems which all citizens have to burden.

Written by an financial insider whose views are based in fact and offers solutions which any laymen can understand and effect. The report demonstrates why so many US citizens are seeking refuge in foreign countries using the American Expatriation Act.

Read the report and make up your own mind about how you can help protect your family and your financial worth. The report states what the challenges are and then explains them in plain simple English. Then at the end of each chapter, conclusions are drawn from the facts and the reader can then see what the solutions.

Here is a quote from the report by famous economist Laurence Kotlikoff

“Based on Congressional Budget Office projections, this year’s U.S. fiscal gap is $211 trillion, or about 14 times gross domestic product. By comparison,Greece’s is 12 times GDP. Germany’s is three times GDP. What’s more, our budget shortfall is growing rapidly. Last year’s value was $205 trillion. So the true measure of our nation’s insolvency grew in one year by $6 trillion, while the super committee is charged with saving a trivial $1.2 trillion over 10 years.”

Laurence Kotlikoff

This ebook report is for free and here is how you can get your copy in various formats

For certain Amazon Kindle users you can “check out” the ebook without cost.

Amazon Kindle The 90 Trillion Dollar Con Job

For those who would like to read the report on their Apple device using Stanza App use the link below

For those who want to read it in PDF format and download it to their computer without any registration use this link below

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