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Reasons to take up surfing Aug 30

Surfing is one of the most popular and well known sporting activities in the world. It’s extremely fun to take part in. And yet most people either never get round to trying it out, or lack confidence in themselves and avoid it. You won’t regret if you take it up though. It’s good for a lot of things.

Clear your mind
The ocean is good for clearing your head. You could do so by playing on, but surfing during your leisure time, sitting out on the water while you wait for the perfect wave allows you to reflect. The physical activity is also good for relieving any stress you’ve been feeling.

Learn a new skill
We all like to learn how to do new things. Surfing is one of those that takes a while, and a lot of practise, but once you’ve learnt how, you’re glad to have the skill. And it’s a fun one you can teach to others too. Plus what better way to show off than taking part in an activity that’s notorious for interesting all the cool people?

There are few sports out there that you can credit as a full body workout. Surfing is one of them though. From your first lesson, your fitness level will be put to the test and improved upon. From jumping up onto the board, to steering it, to paddling and swimming, it’s a sport that is guaranteed to give you a leaner but stronger body.

Get outdoors
We all need to get outside every so often, and remind ourselves that sunshine, wind and water does still exist while we’re cooped up inside doing our boring jobs.

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