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Arte Jaco – A Garabito Municipality Production Jun 20

agenda-2al5abril1The organizer of the Jaco Arts Festival has returned and will be a fixture of this community. This event is a mixture of the last arts festival but with more activities for the kids and culture. The last festival really took Jaco by storm since the few activities that were offered for kids were well attended and very popular. So popular was the party that Garabito has kept the organizer here to manage other events such as this one.

From the looks at the site today, it seems that the festival will run right through Semana Santa. Check website for details of times and event confirmation. more…

Jaco Arts Festival is Back Jun 16

jaco-arts-festival-logoLet’s hope it is better organized than last years fiasco. If you were here last year, the location of the event was held in a marsh. That is what it turned out to be after it rained for many days and who can blame the rain, the event was held during the rainy season. After all, Jaco is located in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica.

This year the events organizer seems to have learned his lesson from last year and moved the date to take place during the tico summer which is now. Plus, this years event is being held at the all new and unfinished “Recreational and Ecological Park” on Pastor Díaz donated by the Chinese government after Costa Rica abandonded long time friend Tawaiin.  

As this post is being written, workers and event organizers are working furiously to not bump into each other while each does what they need to do. While sand is being fitted between the cobblestones, the tents are being erected above them at the same time. Let’s hope for the sake of Jaco and the municipality that its namesake arts festival will go as planned.

For more information, you can visit the Jaco Arts Festival site

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Pura Vida – Welcome to Surf in Jaco Costa Rica May 22

Once a sleepy and quiet farming town, Playa Jaco today is an international destination for surfers of all rank from all walks of life. As a result of the surfing attraction, Jaco’s infrastructure has been built up over the years to provide capacity for general tourism which has been the fastest segment of growth for Costa Rica in the last 5 years.

Today, the central pacific coast of Costa Rica is the fastest growing area in the country and this is a sweet and bitter event. Many town folk miss the “pura vida” ambience of the town and the beach which is now packed with hotels, resturants, shops, and people from all over the world. Other town folk are happy to see progress and technology brought to this area which has been under developed and incapable of maintaining the growing population of tico’s. As a result, power outages, inadequate water supply, medical care, water treatment, general policing of civilians has been under-served. With the increasing tourism revenues, the municipality called Garabito has been able to begin the needed upgrades to these deficient areas.

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Jaco Rays Game Schedule for 2010 Season Sep 13

Many people are asking for the schedule of the Jaco Rays soccer team. They do not have a website as of yet but we are hopeful they will have one soon. Here is the game schedule as copied from the Jaco Vacation Rentals more…

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Professional Soccer is now in Jaco Beach – Jaco Rays Aug 30

The Jaco Rays is a professional soccer team that is playing in the second division here in Costa Rica. Professional meaning they are paid to play, but that does not translate into how they play. Hopefully the Jaco Rays will play like Liga or Saprissa in a few years. But for now, Jaco Rays soccer team now is on the map and is the only one here on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

jaco rays
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