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Blog Tip: Advanced Web Ranking Jun 21

awrOccasionally I will get email from other surf related bloggers who ask me about topics ranging from how to set up a blog to how to market the articles. Anyone who attempts to do this will soon learn that blogging is not as simple as just being able to write gibberish that will appeal to whoever you are targeting.

What I feel is the most important part of blogging is the article marketing. Just like there are companies who hire full time search engine optimization specialists so people can find their website, the same holds true for articles or blog postings. If nobody ever reads your post or article, or cannot find it using the most basic keywords of the subject matter, your posting is only of value to you. In order to really create value with your writing, you must be able to put keyword terms in your article that is consistent with the subject and the title of the post. While this might be obvious to most, the keywords you add to the article must be natural and not appear to be “stuffed” into the body, as there are penalty’s for this with the search engines. more…

Support with pingbacks or trackbacks Jun 10

Here is a simple way to support surfing sites such as this one. If you like the content and want to support it by a pingback follow the instructions below.

If you wanted to ‘pingback’ this blog entry, then you would simply blog about this page on your own blog and link to this page within your content.

If you’re using WordPress and it’s set to notify the blogs linked in your content, then it would ping me back.

There is no special URL necessary when using pingback. Just the entry’s permanent link which is the URL if you select the title of the blog post.

Bear in mind, this only works for blogs that have pingback enabled (usually WordPress blogs), otherwise you will need to manually trackback. For more information about pingbacks and trackbacks, check out this informative tutorial on how to do this. Plus the author will allow you to test your new skills with his blog or you can do the same with my site.

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Does FirePow really work? Jun 08

As I am a new blogger and I do not know all of the nuances of “social networking” a new service called Firepow claims it can help me. Of course, there is a fee for this and many sites offer different rates. You can find different prices depending on the affiliate that you buy the software or the service from. This blogger will sign up for the service and verify if the service works or is just another phony baloney niche marketing promise.

While I do not think surfing in Costa Rica is a niche marketing blog, the Firepow service says it can help me get the rankings I need for help get the site noticed by other surfers who are interested in surfing in Costa Rica. So check back here often to see my updates on whether or not Firepow social networking blog service helps this Costa Rica surfing vacations site.

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Museo Sans 500 Font – Another off topic post! Apr 25

Maybe I should start another blog dedicated to all of the work that goes into blogging and the tools you need to do this. This is the second post in as much as two years this site has been alive. I searched and searched and I am pretty good at searching and did not find this FREE Museo Sans 500 font anywhere. I was able to find it linked to every gosh darned font e-commerce site in existence. So if you do not want to go through the hassle of telling these people your dogs name and your first grade teachers name you will have to download the Museo Sans 500 download font here.

Who the hell remembers their first grade teacher anyway? I didn’t but then I do remember my Kindergarten teacher who was a babe and I loved getting hugs from her!!

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Studiopress Agent Theme Metro Theme WordPress Upgrade Problem Apr 18

I typically would not even think about posting something technical here but this php blunder by Studiopress use of a plugin has blown the doors wide open for so many people who do not understand coding or even the inner workings of WordPress. Studiopress Agent theme error and Metro theme are known to be affected but any theme using this plugin will fail and produce this error if not corrected.

agent-theme-php-problemHere is the deal: If you have found this post, you most likely got an error on your site after you upgraded your wordpress install to 2.9.xx which means anything above 2.9. Error has “Warning: implode() [function.implode]”

The fix is simple for those who hijacked the Studiopress theme since these people would have to modify the header and footers. Who cares what I think, right? Here is the solution: more…

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